XTB is an online broker that offers access to over 5000+ instruments. Known as one of the most trusted CFD brokers, XTB UK is now offering real Shares and ETFs investing with 0% commission up to €100,000 invested per calendar month. Investments exceeding €100,000 per calendar month (or £/$ equivalent) will be charged 0.2% commission with a minimum €10 per trade.

First time investors have access to over 30+ hours of free educational content through their platform and Youtube. In addition, XTB gives investors the opportunity to create a demo account. For those who are not familiar with what a demo account is, essentially, demo accounts let you practise trading with fake money. Once you open a demo account with XTB you can test your trading techniques without using real money and gain practical experience with their trading platform.

There is nothing you need to do! Once you’ve identified the shares you want to buy, you can choose to buy a set number of shares at the current market price, or set a limit order to buy shares at a specific price.

XTB is authorised and regulated by the well known and respected Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The platform has seen a massive increase in clients with the total number of clients on their global investment platform surpassing 721,000, with an increase of over 104,000 in the first quarter of this year alone.

With offices across the world, including the UK, Dubai, Poland, Germany, France, Spain and more, clients have the opportunity to invest in an array of markets.

Start your trading journey with XTB now!