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The highest international standard for securities, IOSCO, advised regulatory authorities to avoid all-in-one crypto companies. They recently published a report to attempt an outline for global cryptosystems.

Meanwhile, Uwerx-based WERX gains more momentum as the fifth presale stage comes to a sell-out. The platform’s revolutionizing concept will likely change and control/influence the gig economy.

IOSCO in the Picture Regarding Crypto Regulation

IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) released a report to outline the policy recommendations for cryptos. The policy recommendations are prepared as an integral part of public consultations on crypto operations.

They are very specific about crypto startups combining multiple functions in one entity or a group of affiliated entities. It means companies running trading firms, exchanges, and custody businesses are more vulnerable and riskier than others.

IOSCO started to emphasize creating a policy recommendation after FTX’s collapse last year. It also established a Fintech Task Force (FTF) to develop the recommendations.

And the new outline features eighteen suggestions in six areas.

FTX’s collapse was a turning point for the crypto world and regulatory authorities. The now-bankrupt FTX was the third-top crypto exchange behind Binance and Coinbase.

Rumors led to eventual shortages of liquidity, hitting the market badly.

WERX Closes to End the Fifth Stage of Presales

Incredible response and hyped presales went past four successful phases to enter the fifth one. As more investors are joining the ride, the ongoing phase nears a sell-out.

Uwerx intends to sell 57% of its total 750 million WERX by the scheduled end on July 31.

The recent release of Alpha, featuring landing and signup pages, might grow interest among the concerned communities. Additional features like login pages, profile dashboard, job search/find, and settings should join the system this weekend.

Uniswap, one of the leading DEXs, is planning to list the token for trading by August 01. The further listing will follow, including centralized exchanges.

Listing to a CEX will activate the contract renouncement, effectively reducing transparency and tax issues.

Uwerx implements some of the freelancing community’s best, advanced, and unique features. Its portfolio offers definitive superiority to other freelancing platforms, drawing more of their attention.

The release of full-version Uwerx is expected to grow exponentially, with more gigs to enter the system. Clients will pay WERX for the hired service, introducing and connecting the gig economy to the crypto.

More work through Uwerx means more utility, circulation, and increments of WERX tokens. That’s why prospective investors continue to join the presales, maintaining the hype and pushing sharp growth.

Each token sells at $0.047725 (almost three times the initial price) with a 15% bonus for new customers.

According to previous predictions, the value may reach $2.2 to $3.0 within the second quarter of 2024. But a bull run may multiply the expected upfront.

Uwerx (WERX): Reviving the Freelance Industry

Despite the continuous expansion and remarkable growth, the freelancing industry remains shackled to unavoidable issues. High transaction fees are the most notorious problem, grabbing a large share of earnings.

Unnecessarily close-fitting security also troubles many freelancers for minimal reasons.

Uwerx, a new freelance platform on a custom blockchain, stands to resolve these nuisances. WERX will bear all expenses from market trades, relieving the pressure on contracts.

Paying a mere 1% of the agreed amount will finalize the contract with clients.

Two security audits by SolidProof and InterFi Network found no mentionable issue with its impervious guarding measures. More updates in the security system will follow as many pending features are underway.

Freelancers can initiate some passive income by making WERX investments and deposits.

The team has locked tokens while planning to schedule a date for the announcement. A Test Airdrop is also in consideration, sending Uwerx to more audiences, investors, and gigs.

General users can also check on the custom vault to make WERX trades.

This week, the presale will launch a prototype that can be interacted with, featuring pages for freelancer registration and client registration.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Uwerx Vault feature is scheduled for next week, and a survey will be conducted to determine the date of the test airdrop.

Mainstream attention with the hyped presales delivered 7,500 successful signups to the platform. The social media following expands as 1940 members joined the Telegram community with 1,733+ Twitter followers.

Joining the presales is easy with either of the following links –

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network