fios1Today customers have a multitude of choices. In as far as which cable provider to marry. In many cases, the choices are very difficult. Company A may may offer 200 HD channels. But Company B offers an inexpensive telephone, Internet and TV package. And obviously Company C offers you a significant discounts if you sign-up with them before December 2nd.

These are all compelling choices and it’s what makes choosing a cable provider complicated — and dare I say emotional.

But what I find most curious is that very few companies or customers talk about customer service when making their choice — of which cable provider to chose from. I mean — yes — the number of HD channels, package prices and discounts are all wonderful. But what about the companies customer service history? Keep in mind that in many cases you will be married to “this” cable provider for a contractual 2 years. And if their customer service is mediocre, not very good or poor at best — then was that 200 HD channel package worth it?

Speaking from personal experience — no!

Before Verizon FiOS I was with another cable provider. Whose service was not only subpar but their customer service was terrible — almost insulting. Then they were bought by a larger cable provider. The services did improve. And their customer service improved as well — marginally. So when Verizon FiOS finally came to my neighborhood. I quickly switched to Verizon.

And I have never looked back. Why — because my experience with Verizon FiOS over these many years has been very good. The Internet service has been exceptional. The choice of HD channels has been very good. The telephone service — well it’s the telephone, need I say more? But what has made my experience with Verizon FiOS exceptional is the company’s customer service.

“So when we think about customer experience, it’s not just the product we install, but the service we deliver after the sale, and that involves a tremendous amount of training for our employees to anticipate the needs of customers, and solve them with a high level of satisfaction.

When customers need technical support, we also help them online via chats, through electronic forums and on various social media platforms. We also assist our customers through a variety of self-service tools, including our In-Home Agent that acts as a virtual in-home technician that can help diagnose technical issues and resolve them without the need to place a call to Verizon for help”

— Orlando Zambrano, Verizon Group Marketing Manager

And this is something I know first hand about. I have connected with Verizon customer support on a number of issues. And I have almost always walked away happy. Hey — no customer service experience is perfect. So for me there is simply no better litmus test. If the company’s customer service is lacking — then the overall customer experience is incomplete.

Call To Action

Before making a choice on what cable provider to choose. Do some research on how their customer service is rated amongst its current customer-base. For me — Verizon Fios was that choice.

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