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Uwerx, the next-gen freelancing platform in the works, is catering to freelancers in unique ways by offering user-oriented services. At the same time, it will be offering freelancers exposure to the crypto world, thanks to its WERX token acting as the medium of value exchange.

For these very reasons, Its presale is already the talk of the town as more and more participants from the crypto and freelancing world are jumping to register and get WERX at very cheap rates.

Diversification of Income Sources

One of the many appeals of freelancing is about the diversification of income sources. Rather than depend on one employer (as in a traditional job) for a fixed salary, gig workers can engage with multiple clients.

This is a more financially feasible decision, if not a stable one.

But in the past few years, diversification of income is not only about a wide set of clientele but also how freelancers are paid too. Cryptos are of much interest to freelancers.

The rapid rise of value and deflationary economics of most tokens can help them not only hedge against fiat inflation but gain profits over time as the cryptos rise in value.

A report shows that 36% of freelancers already are willing to accept cryptos as payment for gigs done.

Crypto and Freelancing Go Hand in Hand With Uwerx (WERX)

Using blockchain to run the platform, Uwerx will be launching to leverage the decentralized technology to the maximum.

With smart contracts, it will eliminate the need for escrow services, helping in drastically reducing commissions (1% vs industry standard 20%), instant payouts (no withholding time), transparency in pricing, and IP rights (public ledger and immutability of blockchain).

Powered with a deflationary WERX token, all payments will be made in it, allowing users to instantly liquidate on crypto exchanges, or hold on for long-term price gain – hedging against inflation.

The token will also grant governance rights, staking in Uwerx Vault, used to pay for advertisements, discounts, incentives, and other premium features.

The WERX is secured through two different audits, performed by SolidProof and InterFi Network. The project has also agreed to lock its team tokens before the presale ends to boost the confidence of users. It will also be conducting a test airdrop soon.

More WERX Tokens Allocated for Presale

Following the massive interest of participants, the Uwerx team realized the presale tokens are not enough to go around.

With more tokens diverted to sales, the last phase is already active and WERX is available at $0.0315. This is the last chance to acquire WERX tokens as the crypto will then be listed on exchanges, allowing the massive demand to help settle its market value.

Many crypto experts are already predicting a massive rise for WERX, with one estimate going as far as to set a $1.4 price tag in Q1 next year.

Looking for the perfect investments? WERX may just be the right choice. Register for the presale before it ends. Simply go to the presale registration page here:

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network