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Impressive and growing presale performance makes Uwerx a more attractive project across the crypto universe. Its pioneering concept of the first-ever blockchain network to support the freelancing system delivers a sensational performance.

However, the crypto market’s expected bull run to recover the losses seems a mirage with the continued shrinking of stablecoins. JP Morgan’s recent research suggests no significant upfront can happen as long as the leading stablecoins decline.

Sustained Market Recovery is in Stablecoins Hands

JP Morgan (JPM) published a research report on the cryptocurrency market last Thursday. It specified regulatory crackdowns, unsettling bank networks, and collapsing reverberations as the driving forces to weigh down the stablecoin universe.

Regulatory clampdown on USDC with US SEC’s ban on BUSD evaporated significant market share. USD Tether (USDT) now stands at a considerable distance from other leading stablecoins.

Even the debt ceiling issues started to trouble the reserves.

Further issues in such an adverse scenario may impact the entire market. Stablecoins pegged to a fiat currency, specifically the US dollar, provide access to DeFi trades as the source of collateral.

Though these cryptos started well at the beginning of 2023, they had to slump down the price and utility due to the hard-on. Halting the decline can help the market become stable, speeding up the recovery.

Uwerx (WERX): New Sensation in the Crypto World

Projects with no utility may have little to offer except turbulent pumping and dumping prices. But Uwerx intends to establish a decentralized platform of superior utility for the global gig economy.

Uwerx, unlike anything in the freelancing industry, connects talented workers to clients needing professionals. The blockchain-powered freelance platform will revolutionize the gig economy with redefining and innovative features.

A mere 1% transaction fee drives many freelancers to adopt the platform instead of the high fees on others. Freelancers will receive payments in WERX, the platform’s native crypto token, letting them generate passive incomes through deposits and investments.

This perspective sets Uwerx at a higher level compared to other crypto projects. Investors, freelancers, and traders are increasingly recognizing WERX’s potential adoption, growth, and profits.

And its presales literally exploded with impressive response and sales.

Uwerx (WERX) Presales and Feature Release in Full Swing

The platform’s Alpha version went live on May 19, 2023, allowing people to use the landing and signup pages. More releases will follow based on customer feedback as the Uwerx team will review the response to the released features.

At its fifth stage, the presale sells each WERX at $0.041 while offering a 15% bonus to new clients. July 31 is the scheduled date to end the presales, aiming at 57% of the total token supply to be sold.

You should invest some in the presales as market predictions for WERX say 100x gains by 2023’s Q3. Real-world utility, pending features, listing to exchanges, and team lock will hold long-term values.

A Test Airdrop is underway for holders to speed up the already-booming presales. Meantime, plans to initiate team lock of tokens are also in development phases. A time is yet to be scheduled for the lock, but it’ll happen before the presales end.

Uwerx has a clear, defined, and ambitious roadmap to succeed in the freelancing and crypto industries. The promising performance drew 6200+ signups to the platform with 1700+ Telegram members.

The Twitter followings also surged significantly, indicating increased interest in WERX’s updates.

Further plans to change the five token allocations will provide more benefits to the users. The custom vault will securely store user tokens for immediate trading. Also, anyone can lock some tokens as long-term investments in the 25-year liquidity pool.

Uwerx is ready to disrupt the ongoing trends in the freelancing industry by creating new markets. Despite the market’s swinging conditions, exponential presale growth proves WERX’s capability.

So, join the presales with either of the following links mentioned below:

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network/