Swords of Blood launched an NFT sale at the start of the month for its Founder’s Boxes, providing buyers with a significant competitive edge in the play-to-earn hack-and-slash thriller built on the Polygon network. The NFTs on sale are Game Utility Tokens, meaning players can equip them before they head into battle, significantly boosting specific attributes.

The highly successful presale for the project is quickly approaching its conclusion as it closes in on its fundraising goal. However, the team recently extended the final presale stage, giving you another chance to get invested at presale prices, which are lower than what the token will be listed on centralized exchanges once the presale finishes.

Swords of Blood: Turning RPG Into Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Own

Swords of Blood is the first cross-play mobile and desktop blockchain-based, AAA-rated, fast-paced, hack-and-slash thriller RPG game that allows players to earn rewards and collect valuable NFTs through an enjoyable gameplay experience. The game can boast flashy combat mechanics, impressive graphics, and a wide selection of gaming modes to appeal to a wide range of players.

Taking inspiration from the famous Diablo series, Sword of Blood intends to elevate the gameplay experience by allowing players to earn an income as they progress through the levels in the game. It allows players to fully immerse themselves in dozens of hours of an epic storyline as they experience old-school isometric gameplay while they grind for loot and rare equipment.

Along the way, players can master a wide variety of weapons as they build devastating attack combinations after forging weapons of magic and iron. The best feature of the game is that each player has a chance to earn through gameplay, being an active community member, participating in tournaments, and minting Legendary Items and selling them as Game Utility Tokens (GUTs) – Swords of Blood’s version of NFTs.

Heavyweight Team Pushing Blockchain-Based Gaming to New Heights

The presale for the game has been incredibly outstanding as early adopters rushed to position themselves early to take advantage of the lower price point. Early investors understood the solid foundations that the game is built on, expanding the IP from its predecessor, which attracted over 4 million downloads in mobile app stores in 2019.

Hit Box Games purchased the rights to publish the previous successful title in the Web3 space, introducing blockchain mechanics and earning potential. However, the draw for this game is not its earning ability but rather its impressive and immersive gameplay. The MVP version of the game is already released for presale investors, and they’ve graced it with raving reviews so far.

The team is spearheaded by veteran CEO James Seaman, who has more than 35 years of gaming experience. Furthermore, the team also hired Jakub Szamalek as the narrative director to guide the storyline and keep players immersed. Szamalek has worked on high-profile games such as The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk, and Ukryta Siec.

Lastly, the team also hired a famous weapons specialist – Ben Abbott from the Forged in Fire TV show – to add a realistic touch to the weapons and the combat mechanics.

5000 Boxes Up for Grabs, Including Legendary GUTs

With the presale approaching its conclusion, the team wanted to reward early adopters by releasing a brand-new loot box sale. This time, Swords of Blood is selling 5000 Founder’s Loot Boxes, which contain legendary items that players can equip themselves with before heading into battle.

The loot boxes went up for sale at the start of June and are quickly starting to sell out as players seek to gain a competitive advantage to progress through the game much quicker. There are three tiers of loot boxes available for purchase – Basic, Medium, and Legendary.

The Basic Epic Founders Box contains 1 Legendary-0 item, 600 gold, and 200 gems. This box will cost $50, and 2,500 are available for purchase.

The Medium Legendary Founders Box contains 2 Legendary-0 items, 1 Legendary-1 item, 1300 gold, and 450 gems. This box also contains $20 worth of SWDTKN at TGE prices. The cost for this box is $100, and there are only 1500 available.

Lastly, the Big Legendary Founders Box is the highest tier in the Founder’s Loot Box collection. This box contains 5 Legendary-0 items, 2 Legendary-1 items, 3000 gold, 1000 gems, and $50 of SWDTKN at TGE prices. The cost for this box is $200, and there are only 1,000 available.

In addition to the items inside each box, players participating in the sale will also receive a limited edition Founders Avatar Frame that they can proudly display on the border of their profiles in-game, showing other players that they are early supporters of the project.

Presale Extended For Final Early Entry Opportunity

The presale for Swords of Blood is in its final stage, but the team recently extended the last stage to provide newcomers with a unique opportunity to get invested at presale prices. The final stage of the presale is selling the token for $0.012, which will be listed on exchanges for $0.015 following its conclusion.

The best part about investing in SWDTKN is that it’s required to get past certain hero levels and advance in the game. Furthermore, all fines and fees will be paid in the token and will be used to trade commodities, characters, and skins on the marketplace.