It’s spring, the sun is finally shining through the windows again and suddenly all of those dusty corners are a bit too obvious, observes Facility Cleaning International. As worldwide cleaning experts, they have a few tips to help you enjoy spring cleaning.

Finding the motivation to stay inside and clean can be tough when the weather outside is so inviting, but in many ways, the task brings fresh air of its own.

“A clean home is a happy home,” the experts at Facility Cleaning International remind us.

“Getting rid of dust and clutter doesn’t only open up your home, it opens up your mind and improves your state of being by providing clarity,” they note.

Indeed, a clean home helps keep the mind and body healthy and happy.

Spring is peak allergy season for many. Keeping your home free of dust and dander will help keep allergens and irritants at bay. Regular vacuuming and mopping will help get rid of pollen brought in through open windows and on clothes.

Even if allergies are not a concern, the act of throwing open the windows and throwing out the clutter can do wonders for the spirit. When a room is clean, it feels inviting and peaceful, allowing your spirit to rest.

Spring is a wonderful time to tackle that closet that is always a mess, or that corner that seems to be the dumping grounds for the household’s hard-to-place items. Once it is done, your home will feel more spacious and relaxing.

“Spring cleaning is a commonly dreaded task, but it doesn’t have to be,” says Facility Cleaning International.

They find that people around the world feel the same dread when faced with a major cleaning job. But with a little creativity, you can find ways to make it fun for yourself and the whole family.

Try having a cleaning dance party. Play your favorite high-energy tunes loud and sing along while you tackle the dirt and grime so you can dance while you clean.

Make a contest to see who can clean a room the fastest. Offer prizes for silly things like whoever finds the most pennies hidden in and under the furniture (and cleans out all the dirt) or who wipes the most fingerprints from the wall in five minutes.

The more the merrier. If you do not have a ready-built set of helpers living in your home, try arranging a cleaning co-op. Organize a cleaning crew with your friends, and blitz through one house at a time.

You will be amazed by how quickly each person’s space gets clean when you work and laugh together. Soon everyone will have a spotless space, and you all will have enjoyed spending time together. Consider making it a party with a meal to share at the end of the satisfyingly productive day.

When cleaning, it is easy to get sidetracked by other tasks that also need to be done. To stay on track, Facility Cleaning International suggests you try making lists and sticking to them.

Make yourself a list of what you want to accomplish in each room. Suggestions include: moving furniture to clean under and behind each piece, wiping down walls and baseboards and dusting ceiling fans.

Next, tackle one room or one type of chore at a time. Some people prefer to dust the entire house, then vacuum, etc. Others like to work in one room until the whole thing sparkles. Whatever you pick, stick with it.

When you come across something different that you are tempted to do, add it to your list, then get back to the task at hand. Keep a large laundry basket in the room and fill it with anything that does not belong in the room so you don’t get sidetracked running each piece back to its place. These tips will help ensure you’ll follow through with the task at hand.

A trip to the store is sometimes just the thing to get you ready to clean. Find colorful sponges or gloves that make the job a little more cheerful. Make sure you have all the regular supplies you’ll need, and consider picking up the latest cleaning contraption to see if it works for you.

If procrastination is a temptation, set yourself a deadline with motivation. Decide how long you need to accomplish what you would like to do, and then invite people over. Knowing you have a bunch of people coming over soon will keep you determined to make an inviting space for yourself and your guests before the deadline.

Professional help is always an option. Facility Cleaning International suggests you find a company with insured, well-trained staff to ensure the job is done right. Thoroughness, attention to detail and friendly employees are all things to look for in a cleaning company.

Whatever strategy you use to get your space whipped into shape, keep in mind all the wonderful reasons to spend the time to thoroughly clean your home. When it is finished, you will have the satisfaction and peacefulness that comes from a job well done. That feeling, says Facility Cleaning International, is worth all the hard work.

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