Scorpion Casino continues to attract a flurry of investment into its fundraising after crossing the $430,000 milestone. Investors are hurrying to get positioned in the presale as they’re intrigued by the combination of its revenue-sharing model mixed with deflationary mechanics. Together, these two functions have the potential to redefine passive income and provide a new avenue for crypto wealth in 2023.

The best part about the project is that it’s fully licensed and regulated, with the team being fully KYC’d – so there are no fears of a potential rug-pull. Furthermore, its attractive design and fully functional casino product make it an attractive long-term investment as passive income opportunities increase with platform usage.

Keep reading to discover how Scorpion Casino provides a passive income while integrating deflationary economics to create a long-term sustainable ecosystem.

Scorpion Casino: Revolutionizing the Casino Ownership Space

Scorpion Casino describes itself as the future leading eGambling platform that has the potential to provide SCORP holders with up to $10,000 USDT in daily passive staking through a revolutionary platform revenue-sharing model that increases as the casino gains more adoption.

The project aims to build a groundbreaking social gambling platform that allows users to earn a daily yield based on the casino’s performance. Its unique revenue-sharing feature, combined with its deflationary mechanics, makes it a revolutionary Web3 casino platform that’s breaking down the barriers to the casino industry, turning all SCORP holders into owners.

With the average online gambling platform requiring $2 million in capital and over a year to get licensed, SCORP provides an avenue to casino ownership and profits without the headache. Furthermore, with internet casinos that offer crypto payments being one of the fastest growing industries – projected to grow by over 300% over the next eight years – Scorpion Casino is perfectly positioned to become one of the market leaders in the space.

Carefully Crafted Economics: Passive Income Mixed With Deflationary Mechanics

The intuitive economics behind the SCORP token has been carefully crafted to provide a sensational passive income with the additional value provided through deflationary mechanics. There are two specific methods that the project uses to achieve passive income;

  • Through casino revenues
  • Through token sale taxes

The first method uses casino revenues to buy back SCORP from the open market. The team has stated that they will use 20% of the daily revenue generated through wagers on the casino to purchase SCORP and redistribute it back to holders. 50% of the tokens bought through buybacks are sent to all SCORP stakers, with the remaining 50% being sent to a burner address to be removed from circulation – making the token deflationary.

The second method is embedded into the SCORP token smart contract itself. Although there are no buy taxes, sellers are charged 10% when they sell SCORP on the open market. From this tax, 2% is redistributed to SCORP holders for additional passive income, with another 1% being burnt. The remaining tax revenues are used to support the ecosystem through marketing and development and to add liquidity to the market.

Overall, these two mechanisms create an intuitive ecosystem that helps the value of SCORP increase over time through deflation and for token holders to see their balances increase on a daily basis through passive income.

Fully Licensed and Audited With Your Favorite Games

Another reason investors are rushing to get positioned in SCORP as early as possible is that the casino itself is fully licensed by the Curacao iGaming licensing entity. This means Scorpion Casino is fully transparent and provably fair – making it an attractive gambling venue for the 1.6 billion gamblers worldwide.

In addition, the casino is connected with major gaming providers, such as NetEnt and Evolution, so that it can provide highly-polished casino products with everybody’s favorite games integrated. For example, popular casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots are all integrated – with over 160 live games available.

It also houses a sportsbook, allowing sports fans to wager on over 30,000 betting options regarding the outcome of their favorite sports matches. All the major leagues for popular sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, and golf, are integrated – so everybody can place bets on their favorite sports.

Presale Approaches Hard Cap – Invest Before It’s Too Late

The presale recently crossed the $430,000 milestone, edging it closer to its $500,000 fundraising hard cap. With the presale nearing the hard cap, time is running short to get positioned at lower prices for the SCORP token. Once the presale crosses the hard cap, the SCORP price will likely increase substantially. Therefore, investing as early as possible is essential to leave fundraising with higher levels of unrealized returns.

The token is currently being sold for $0.014, with an expected listing price of $0.05 providing guaranteed returns for early adopters. Furthermore, if you purchase more than $1,000 SCORP in the presale, you are automatically enrolled in the Elite Scorpion Members Club. This provides VIP Services, cashback on the Casino, and extra staking rewards. Lastly, investors quoting the exclusive bonus code Scorpion20 can get an extra 20% SCORP on their investment for a limited time only.