The presale for Scorpion Casino is currently on fire after crossing the $310,000 fundraising milestone in just a few days from going live. Investors are rushing to get involved after learning that they can earn a guaranteed 5x return if they invest in the first stage of the presale – with much higher returns on the table once the project goes live.

Furthermore, investors are particularly excited about the passive income potential from Scorpion Casino profits, which could help them earn up to $10,000 USD in passive staking if the casino grows in popularity.

Keep reading to discover why investors are hurrying to get positioned before prices increase and if SCORP is a suitable investment for you.

Scorpion Casino Presale Hits $310K and Guarantees 5x Returns for Early-Stage Investors.

Scorpion Casino’s presale only started on May 25th, 2023, but it still has managed to attract over $310,000 in fundraising as investors rush to get invested early. The presale is for the SCORP token, which will be the native token behind the platform and the exclusive payment method for the entire Scorpion ecosystem – it will be used as the default currency for betting across the casino and sportsbook.

Investors are flocking to the presale due to the seemingly guaranteed returns for early-stage buyers. You see, the presale is selling the token for $0.012 in the second stage of operation. Once the presale ends, the team has stated that they intend to list SCORP on tier-1 exchanges at a price of $0.05 – providing nearly a 5x return for all early-stage buyers. As a result, investors are quickly rushing to get involved at the lowest prices possible to take advantage of the higher listing price.

However, the majority of investors are expecting much higher returns from SCORP. Of course, some of them might remove their principal investment when the token launches, but most are expected to hold for the long term as they believe the value of SCORP will surge once the casino gains adoption. This is due to two primary reasons:

  1. Token holders earn a passive income for holding or staking the token
  2. The token is deflationary

Therefore, some analysts believe a 10x or 20x return is certainly on the table for SCORP.

Earn Up To $10,000 USDT In Passive Staking as Token Burn Reduces Supply.

One of the most attractive parts of the casino is the fact that it can provide a passive income for holders and stakers. In addition, the casino intends to build the number one social online gambling platform where users can earn a daily yield based on the Casino’s performance. As a result, if the casino starts to become extremely popular, the passive income returns could become quite substantial.

There are two primary methods in the ecosystem that allow holders to earn a passive income.

The first part of the passive income is generated through the casino profits for users that are staking SCORP on the platform. The team will use some of the profits generated on the platform to buy back SCORP from the open market on a daily basis. Half of the SCORP bought using profits is redistributed to stakers, with the other half being sent to a burn address. This creates constant buying pressure for the market to support the token and also helps reduce the overall supply of the token as tokens are burnt.

The second part of the passive income is generated through the sell transaction tax that is baked into the SCORP smart contract. Every time a user sells SCORP, they are charged with a 10% tax. From this tax, 2% of the value is redistributed to holders. Another 1% is sent to a burn address – making SCORP more deflationary. The remaining tax is added to liquidity or is used for marketing purposes.

As a result, SCORP holders see their token balances constantly increasing as the platform and blockchain gain more usage. At the same time, the overall circulation of SCORP will reduce (due to the burns), causing the remaining tokens to become more scarce. According to Economics 101, if the supply of an asset is reduced while the demand remains constant (or increases), the value of the asset is expected to increase. This is exactly why SCORP investors are rushing to be a part of this project!

Presale Quickly Selling Out: Buy Before Prices Rise

With the presale hitting $310,000, time is running short to get invested at the lowest possible prices. Once the presale fundraising crosses $400,000, the price for the SCORP token is likely to increase, reducing the 5x returns that early-stage buyers are entitled to. Therefore, getting invested as early as possible is essential to take advantage of the lower prices.

Investors that purchase more than $1,000 SCORP in the presale are automatically enrolled in the Elite Scorpion Members Club, which provides VIP Services, cashback on the Casino, and extra staking rewards. Furthermore, investors quoting the exclusive bonus code Scorpion20 can get an extra 20% SCORP on their investment for a limited time only.