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There is a stigma of sorts that hangs around radar detectors, for whatever reason. Most drivers don’t consider themselves “speeders,” so they don’t see a benefit. Others see the substantial arsenal of tools at police disposal (advanced radar and laser guns, red light cameras, air patrol, photo radar, etc.) and wonder if a vehicle-mounted radar detector is even relevant against such an array. Still more operate under the misconception that they are not even legal. If true, all would be valid reasons to view it as frivolous.

The fact is, though, radar and laser detectors have never been more relevant – or more advanced.

First and foremost, every reader of this article should understand that radar and laser detectors are completely legal everywhere in the United States but Virginia and Washington D.C. If you don’t believe me, go check your state law.

I’ll wait.


Outside of Virginia, the states recognize your right to know when you are being monitored directly.

But does it matter? Is the police tech really too good to make it worth your while to invest in a detector? Again, no. As police technology advances, so too does radar and laser detection and monitoring technology. Detectors now are miles ahead of where they were, even a handful of years ago — smarter and more capable than ever before.

So why should you even be considering this? You aren’t a “speeder,” right?

Well, there’s the rub. The reality is most drivers travel roads where speed limits change at various points, often without their knowledge, elevating the risk of being caught in a trap. More to the point, the National Motorist Association estimates that 1/3 of all speed enforcement citations are erroneous.

When put in that light, it isn’t too hard to see the value in a detector. In fact, put simply, the detector pays for itself by saving a driver from only 1 ticket.

Consider: There are 41 million drivers ticketed for speeding per year, and the average ticket costs the driver $150. That is more than $6 billion (yes, with a ‘b’) a year collected just on speeding tickets. And that doesn’t include the increase in your insurance premiums. Just one ticket can up your bill $900 over three years, on average.

You invest in your car and insurance to protect yourself from accidents, from breakdowns, and from the carelessness of others. Why wouldn’t you invest to protect yourself from speeding fines as well? After all, in normal circumstances the alert from your detector will be nothing more than a reminder to check that your speed is still within the safe range in which you normally operate.

Escort Max 360

Allow me, then, to introduce you to the newest revolutionary detection tool, from the industry leader: the Escort Max 360.

The 360 offers a new level of power and unmatched precision. Dual antenna, front and rear detection scans rapidly for threats in every direction. Digital Signal Processing provides extreme range and lightening fast response. GPS-powered AutoLearn technology intelligently rejects false alerts based upon signal frequency and location. And finally, arrows indicate the direction of the radar source, combining to give you 360° of total protection.

Escort believes so strongly in the 360 that they are offering a “Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee,” including both radar and laser speeding tickets, when the unit is purchased factory direct.

I’ve trusted Escort radar and laser detectors for the last 15 years and I can say with confidence that this is the most impressive model to date.

Escort Max 360

I received mine a little while ago, and a description of my experience with it will follow shortly.
Escort Max 360

For now, though, you will have to trust me: it is worth it. Check it out for yourself: Escort 360

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