Opticash, a fintech startup, fully securely audited by Certik is planning to revolutionize the payment systems industry in 2023 using crypto and blockchain technology. The company is on a mission to create a more efficient and secure way to transfer money globally.

With its cutting-edge technology, Opticash’s mission to revolutionize payment remittance worldwide will ease the way financial transactions are carried out around the world.

The payment systems industry has been dominated by traditional banks and financial institutions for decades. However, with the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, there has been a shift towards decentralized systems that allow for peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries.

Opticash plans to capitalize on this trend by offering a digital banking system that enables users to send, chat exchange and receive payments using cryptocurrencies.

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Opticash’s platform is being built on top of blockchain technology and is currently integrated with Gnosis Safe, which allows for secure and transparent transactions. The blockchain acts as a ledger that records every transaction and ensures that it cannot be altered or tampered with.

This technology provides a level of security that traditional payment systems cannot match, as it eliminates the need for centralized servers that are vulnerable to hacks and cyber attacks.

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One of the main advantages of Opticash’s platform is its all-in-one platform (TICT- Trade, Invest Chat, Transfer). Transactions can be completed within seconds, as opposed to the hours or days that it can take with traditional payment systems.

This is due to the fact that there are no intermediaries involved, which means that transactions can be processed more quickly and efficiently.

Another advantage of Opticash’s platform is its low transaction fees. Traditional payment systems charge high fees for international transactions, which can be a barrier for people who need to send money across borders. Opticash’s platform aims to make transactions more affordable by charging a fraction of the fees that traditional payment systems charge.

This will make it more accessible to people who rely on remittances or need to transfer money for business purposes.

Opticash’s platform is also designed to be user-friendly and accessible to people who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies. The company plans to offer a mobile app that allows users to easily carry out transactions using their smartphones. This will make it more convenient for people to use the platform, regardless of their location or level of technical expertise.

Opticash’s platform is not just for individuals – it can also be used by businesses to facilitate transactions with their customers and suppliers. The platform can be integrated with existing payment systems, making it easy for businesses to adopt the technology without disrupting their current processes.

This will enable businesses to offer their customers more payment options, which can help to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

The company believes that its platform offers a unique combination of speed, security, and affordability that sets it apart from its competitors. The company’s team consists of experienced professionals from the finance, design and technology industries, who are committed to delivering a platform that meets the needs of their users.

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The success of Opticash’s platform will depend on a number of factors, including regulatory compliance, funding, user adoption, and partnerships with businesses and financial institutions. The company is currently working to obtain the necessary certifications and comply with regulations in the jurisdictions where it operates.

It is also building partnerships with businesses and financial institutions that can help to expand its reach and user base.

In conclusion, Opticash is an exciting fintech startup that has the potential to disrupt the payment systems industry using blockchain technology. Its platform offers a fast, secure, and affordable way to transfer money globally, which could benefit individuals and businesses alike.

With proper regulations, community and funding the success of the product is guaranteed. The company’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction suggests that it has a bright future ahead. Come build with us official community. Stay up to date on our Telegram announcement channel and on Twitter @Opticash_io.