In 2023, Web3 is poised to become the prevailing global trend, thanks to significant investments in this field that have yielded substantial outcomes. While Web3 has already gained a strong foothold on a global scale in 2022, its emergence as a dominant trend is anticipated in the coming year.

The real estate industry is also embracing decentralized technology, with renewed interest and a focus on implementing innovative concepts like NFTs. Although discussions on this topic have been ongoing for some time, the latest technological advancements have thrust it into the spotlight even more prominently.

Metropoly has already captured the attention of the crypto community with its real estate platform. The project has just launched its beta 3.0 platform, which is making waves.

Real Estate Market Needs Solutions

The tradition of real estate investment has been passed down from older to younger generations. However, today’s younger individuals face a notable hurdle in entering the real estate market due to its complexities and high costs.

The inability to invest in real estate denies the younger generation access to various advantages, including protection against inflation, diversification of investment portfolios, and the opportunity to invest in lucrative tangible assets.

The significance of real estate as a passive income stream and a hedge against inflation cannot be overstated. Investing in real estate offers younger generations a reliable source of income, ensuring their financial stability.

To address these challenges, an innovative blockchain-based real estate market is emerging, providing an affordable and inclusive avenue for individuals of all ages and financial circumstances to invest in real estate.

Metropoly leads the way in this movement by offering an NFT marketplace specifically designed for real estate properties. Metropoly’s NFTs are backed by tangible properties, enabling everyone to enjoy the advantages of real estate investment.

Metropoly’s Beta 3.0 Launches

Metropoly provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform that enables individuals to invest in fractional real estate effortlessly. The investment process through Metropoly is simple: users just need to connect their wallet, browse the marketplace for various property options such as apartments, penthouses, or villas, and initiate a purchase starting at $100.

Currently, a beta version of the platform is available for users to explore. This grants them access to view the properties listed, participate in ongoing auctions, and review the payouts tab. The Metropoly marketplace will showcase properties from around the globe, accompanied by a leaderboard that showcases the number of real estate fractions owned, performance metrics, and dividends received. Please note that the properties listed in the prototype are for illustrative purposes only.

The Metropoly version 3.beta brings several additional features, which have greatly excited users. We highly recommend checking out the platform to see how it revolutionizes real estate.

Metropoly is Off to A Great Start

Metropoly has made significant strides in the real estate industry by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to offer fractional investment opportunities.

It’s worth noting that investors who participated in the Metropoly presale joined the exclusive Platinum Member’s Club, unlocking a range of enticing benefits. These perks include early access to the Metropoly Beta, providing a glimpse into the platform’s innovative features and functionality. Additionally, Platinum Members received a Metropoly NFT, adding a unique digital asset to their collection. The level of benefits increases in correlation with the investment amount, with higher-tier investors gaining access to real estate NFTs valued at $10,000 and enjoying cashback on rental income.

Metropoly is generating considerable buzz on social media platforms, garnering attention for its numerous advantages. Users have the opportunity to test the prototype platform, allowing them to experience its potential firsthand. To ensure security and reliability, the platform’s contract code has been verified by SolidProof, instilling confidence in its functionality. Furthermore, the team members’ identities have been verified by CertiK, adding an additional layer of trust and credibility to the project.

Metropoly serves as a prime example of how blockchain technology can transform the real estate industry, bringing forth innovation and disrupting traditional practices. With its user-friendly platform, Metropoly simplifies the real estate market by removing complex bureaucracy, allowing individuals of any investment amount to participate. Whether someone has $100 or a substantial sum, Metropoly opens doors for everyone to access the benefits of real estate investment.

Check Out the Metropoly Beta Version 3.0

Amidst the ever-changing and volatile market conditions, real estate investment continues to be a consistently profitable venture. However, the intricate nature of the industry has made it difficult for the average individual to partake in property investment.

Metropoly, a blockchain-powered platform, seeks to address this challenge by offering an inclusive and user-friendly solution for real estate investment. By enabling users to swiftly purchase properties from diverse global locations within minutes, Metropoly is poised to revolutionize the traditional exclusive investment landscape, making real estate accessible to all.