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Meme coins still dominate surging rates and trading volume across the market. PEPE may no longer be the one to lead the hyped increments of meme tokens. Others lead the trend, creating a buzz amidst established names like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

RefundCoin (RFD) remains on top of the trending cryptos on the Uniswap hot pair list. $WAGMI, $GEN, $BEN, and $PEPE are the most gainers in the market. But $RFD effectively outran others with more than a 1,000% increase after its launch on May 19, 2023.

Having no utility value, market analysts continued to point out inside fetch to push the price. Someone purchases a bulk number of tokens only to initiate a jump in value. It eventually creates a buzz, placing the crypto under the spotlight, and people rush to its portfolio.

Scams and frauds get to wipe out a considerable amount of the rushed trading volume. So, investing in meme coins isn’t exactly popular with conscious and long-term investment seekers. Uwerx is one of the best projects worth these valuable investments.

Uwerx: The Ultimate Future of Efficacious Freelancing

The freelancing industry continues to grow exponentially despite some hindering issues at the core. Its 78% growth rate is the fastest in any economy. Businesses are increasingly turning to remote workers as it lets them hire global talents while keeping costs reasonable.

At some point, as much as 70% of small to medium businesses hired gig workers. And the USA had $1.35 trillion contributed to the national economy in 2022 by freelancers alone.

Considering the possible market size, these show immense interest and potential for further growth in the sector.

Traditional freelance platforms impose high commission rates, maintain sensitive security measures, and offer no diversity. Many newbies struggle to cope with such restrictions, exerting the incapacity to continue. That’s where Uwerx comes forward to revolutionize the gig economy.

It allows the freelancers to enjoy a mere minimum of a 1% transaction fee. Top-tier security also goes easy on the users without imposing sudden account bans. Advanced features like gamification/incentivization will motivate and challenge these workers to take diversified assignments.

InterFi Network and SolidProof assured minimal security issues following two successful audits. Clients will pay the hired freelancers using WERX, the native crypto token of Uwerx.

So, freelancers can also participate in deposits, investments, and trades to generate passive income.

The Uwerx team plans more and more feature releases to keep up customer interest. Listing of WERX to leading exchanges will skyrocket the demand and attention, mounting the utility value. This makes the ongoing presales a great opportunity with the upcoming price boost.

The presales entered the fifth stage, costing $0.041 per token with a 15% bonus for newcomers. Uwerx intends to sell 57% of the total tokens by its scheduled closure on July 31.

Reports suggest as much as 100x gains of the token by September 2023, reaching a $2.20 – $3 value.

What’s Next for Uwerx (WERX) as Opposed to Meme Coins Hype

A Test Airdrop and immediate Team Lock of tokens are scheduled, as suggested by recent Twitter polls. The team lock will clasp the tokens in a 25-year liquidity pool, which is expected to happen before the presales wrap up. Customers can also store WERX in the custom vault for easy use.

Uwerx is on its way to start trading on Uniswap, one of the top DEXs, by August 01, 2023. More listing will follow, setting a concrete WERX foundation in crypto. A centralized exchange listing will put the much-anticipated contract renouncement into effect.

The increase in demand surged successful signup numbers, exceeding 6,953 already. The recently released Alpha version with landing and signup pages will surely fire up the rate shortly. Even the Telegram community and Twitter followings are on an exponential rise.

Uwerx holds real-world utility with many promising, beneficial, and advanced features in its portfolio. Meme coins are all about flash pumps and instant dumps, requiring early and short-term investment consideration. With WERX, no such hassle can give investors a headache.

Join the WERX presales by using one of the links mentioned below:

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network/