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The market always presents opportunities like Uwerx every now and then. Most crypto enthusiasts are usually looking for the next token to do a 100x in the market, but most are not privileged to find it.

The major problem is determining which ones to go for amongst the thousands of new cryptocurrencies emerging per month. However, Uwerx is the next opportunity in the market, and you should not miss it for anything.

What Is Uwerx(WERX)?

Uwerx is a new Ethereum-based project looking to revolutionize the global gig economy. It creates a derived market for the freelance industry with the adoption of blockchain.

The blockchain-based solution fosters decentralization and allows the project to build for the community rather than the profit of private companies.

According to a survey from GlobeNewswire, nearly 35% of all employed Americans operate as independent contractors, which is a growing economic fringe sector in America.

The market for freelance platforms is anticipated to grow significantly in the years to come because of the predicted significant technological disruption and new investments from well-established firms.

Uwerx will charge a 1% flat fee on the transactions on the platform. Compared to predominant platforms charging as high as 20%, Uwerx allows freelancers to keep as much of their money as possible.

A larger percentage of the fees charged on Uwerx eventually returns to the liquidity pool and funds more value to the community.

The project will be locking its liquidity for 25 years after launch. This serves as an anti-rug mechanism and gives early buyers a sense of safety.

Also, it ensures liquidity is always available to users who want to trade the token once it goes live. The team would also renounce the contract to give control back to the community on how to progress the platform.

Although Uwerx allows users to process payments in other cryptocurrencies, WERX serves as the primary utility token on the platform and is used to reward user activity. There’s an opportunity to accumulate the token on presale and make some excellent profit as the launch approaches.

Uwerx(WERX) Presale Details

Uwerx launched its presale about a month ago and has proceeded to raise over $1 million. New projects typically use presale offerings to raise money, but the token prices are lowered to allow profitable entry.

WERX’s current price on presale is $0.0225, and users can look towards 20x at launch with room to grow even bigger afterward.

The presale started at $0.0225, and the projected final price is $0.115, allowing a profitable margin for investors early enough.

The project launch price will be close to $0.5, and expert price prediction sees WERX running up to $1.5 by Q4 of the year.

This is a unique opportunity to profit from privileged information and earn a 20% bonus if you buy now.

Enter the presale here:

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network