luckydice, the leading crypto iGaming casino platform, has joined forces with ChatGPT to bring you an electrifying gaming experience like no other. The latest addition to the family is Neko, a charming AI language model that will take your crypto dice game experience to the next level.

Imagine playing your favorite Bitcoin dice games with Neko by your side, engaging in lively conversation, and providing real-time interaction like you’ve never experienced before. With’s Neko, you’ll get all this and more.

But that’s not all. is known for its forward-thinking, provably fair Bitcoin dice games that accommodate major cryptocurrencies, and now with the introduction of Neko, the platform has taken its game to a whole new level.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, you’ll appreciate the excitement and energy Neko brings to the table.

“Wе ( integrated ChatGPT with our casino social bot, Neko, to provide an engaging and entertaining AI companion for our users,” a Luckydice spokesperson said.

“We have developed and trained Neko with utmost care, ensuring that it adheres to all ethical and social norms. Our primary objective is to maintain an active and enjoyable chat environment for our BitKong & Luckydice users.

“At Luckydice, we recognize the importance of responsible gaming, and we are committed to promoting a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our users.

“As part of this commitment, we have trained Neko not to suggest earning money through betting or to promote any form of gambling. Instead, Neko’s purpose is to facilitate fun and engaging conversations, fostering a sense of community among our users.

“Please be aware that Neko is an AI companion and not a source of financial or gambling advice. We encourage our users to play responsibly and to seek help if they experience any issues related to gambling.”

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What makes Neko unique is its multilingual capability, making it easy for players from different countries to communicate and enjoy the game together. As the core character of, Neko offers a captivating AI personality that keeps the chat active and maintains fun conversations without ever pushing users to bet.

With ChatGPT’s advanced AI technology, Neko can keep up with multiple conversations at once, ensuring all players have an immersive, interactive experience. And with its powerful memory system, ChatGPT can retain information and respond to users’ inquiries with greater accuracy and efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for‘s customer support team.

At, we are committed to responsible gaming and providing a safe, secure, and fair gaming environment for all our players. With Neko, we’ve ensured that players can enjoy their favorite crypto dice games while interacting with a friendly and engaging AI personality that only adds to the excitement of the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Neko and the vibrant community today and experience the ultimate Bitcoin dice game experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

For more information or inquiries, please visit or contact our dedicated support team at [email protected].