Fairspin token TFS

Crypto casinos are a popular avenue for gambling enthusiasts to net massive returns utilizing cryptocurrency. Taking a step ahead of fiat-based online casinos, the crypto kind allows its players to accumulate larger returns and incentives as they try their hands on various games. Slots, roulette, card games, and more exist on these platforms for users to deploy their strategies, earn rewards, and be entertained at the same time.

Certain crypto casinos go above and beyond to reward their users by harnessing the possibilities created by cryptocurrency. For instance, the Fairspin casino brings its users earning opportunities stacked over what they win in games. The casino’s loyalty programs offer tokenized rewards to users through various activities.

Fairspin’s Loyalty Programs

Users get rakeback from their bets in games through the Play to Earn mechanism. Rakeback is offered in the platform’s TFS Token. Those holding TFS in their accounts can gain additional rewards through the Hold to Earn mechanism. These Fairspin programs have actively rewarded their participants since last year. Users are tapping into such features in hoards, and the platform has issued incentives amounting to $726,234.14 and $1,759,091.86 through Play to Earn and Hold to Earn, respectively.

The Hold to Earn feature lets TFS Token holders tap into sky-high rewards of up to 500% average APR, with recent events channeling a record daily APR of 21%. With cryptocurrency ingenuity allowing casinos to reward their users innovatively, Fairspin’s TFS Token team wants to push the boundaries. Why stop with Play to Earn and Hold to Earn? So, the team has introduced a new earning avenue for casino users – the Liquidity Staking program.

Play to Earn

Fairspin’s Play to Earn program stands out from the competition thanks to how it offers users rakeback. In most regular and online crypto casinos, the rakeback offered is a percentage of the wager made by the user when their bet does not win. Also, these casinos issue rakeback periodically at the end of the week or the end of the month. While such measures are promotional tactics for users to play on the platforms, they are somewhat inconveniencing.

Fairspin offers rakeback to users instantaneously, despite placing a winning or a losing bet. So, all they need to do is start any game on the platform and place their funds into the pot. The mere act of issuing a bet earns them TFS Tokens, the amount depending on the game and the size of the bet.

Hold to Earn

The TFS Tokens acquired by playing in the casino can be used to attract more gains. The Hold to Earn program brings users income in more TFS based on the duration they hold tokens within the program. The amount accrued depends on multiple factors.

Firstly, the APR with which the rewards are calculated is time-bound. Various time slabs presuppose different rates. The revenue generated by the casino within that period is also a factor in the amount given to users for token holding. 1% of casino income is distributed to users holding tokens for eight hours, 2% to users holding them for one day, and 0.5% to those holding them for three days. The reward pool is distributed proportionally amongst all the users indulged in the program over the time slab. So, the smaller the number of users holding tokens, the larger the payout per user will be, and vice versa.

Since reward distribution is affected by casino income, users may not gain rewards when the casino does not profit. Situations like this are possible when certain users win massively on their bets. Such winnings can also drive the casino to experience losses on certain days. Nevertheless, users need not worry about losing their holdings. Although there may be no rewards at times, users can always claim back the tokens they deposited within the program. They may try again and earn holding income once the casino nets positively.

Liquidity Staking – The New Entrant

The Liquidity Staking program is the platform’s measure to mark TFS Token’s presence in the crypto markets. Users can participate by heading to the staking page on Fairspin’s website. From there, they can stake TFS Tokens alongside USDT (Tether) stablecoins in pairs within TFS-USDT pools, increasing their liquidity on the PancakeSwap DEX.

The staking program, a form of liquidity mining, provides TFS holders, or liquidity providers, considerable passive income for their efforts. Essentially, providing liquidity will help increase the adoption of TFS Token, organically grow its market capitalization, and attract more users to the casino platform. These factors are the motivation behind the program’s high-earning capabilities.

The important role of liquidity provisioning lets stakers draw rewards based on Fairspin’s GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue). The GGR is incorporated into a formula with other metrics that calculates how much each staker stands to make. For transparency’s sake, the formula used for this purpose is the product of multiplying the casino’s GGR with two other factors. They include the fraction representing the user’s stake in the pool and a time multiplier.

The time multiplier depends on the duration of a stake. It is calculated at 0.3 when tokens are staked for less than seven days, and increases to 0.6 when the stake lasts beyond seven days. The multiplier further goes up to 1 after the completion of 30 days until forever.

Obviously, maximum rewards are offered to users holding their tokens in the pool for over a month, with the multiplier peaking. Such users can expect to earn up to 0.5% of Fairspin’s GGR. However, users must not remove any funds, even partially, from the pool to tap into such returns. Withdrawing even a portion of the stake will bring down the multiplier to 0, with the duration determining it reset to day 1.

Regardless, the Liquidity Staking program does not have minimum or maximum windows to keep tokens staked. Users can withdraw rewards whenever they want without constraints of minimum waiting periods like other staking applications. Also, they can withdraw staked funds, partially or completely, at any time, with the funds directed back to their accounts from the pool immediately upon request. Furthermore, they can theoretically leave their tokens staked forever and earn on them. TFS liquidity staking does not terminate their staked positions with time.

Transparency Is the Priority

The Fairspin casino and the TFS Token team believe in operating transparently and implementing genuine practices for their users. Therefore, the users are updated with all information regarding the platform’s games and loyalty programs. That includes the total funds staked in the TFS staking pool, the number of users taking part in the holding program at any time, the consequent reward size of each user, and their earnings during that period.

Fairspin utilizes blockchain technology to maintain transparency in sharing this information. Instant updates are provided from on-chain data, allowing users to confirm their authenticity themselves. The casino relies on blockchain to reward users fairly through all its incentivizing avenues.