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Cryptocurrency experts are already predicting InQubeta (QUBE) will be a top performer like Avalanche (AVAX) and Tron (TRX), despite still being in its presale phase. ICOs and presales often generate lots of buzz in the crypto ecosystem as investors get a chance to buy cryptocurrencies at reduced prices.

Now it’s InQubeta that’s generating buzz in the crypto space, with investors licking their lips at the opportunity to cash in on the tremendous growth potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

InQubeta’s platform makes it easier than it’s ever been to invest in AI startups, eliminating the entry barriers that often prevent potential investors from using traditional investment firms.

InQubeta also makes it easier for AI startups to raise the capital they need, helping to push the growth of artificial intelligence. The AI industry has already enjoyed exponential growth in the past several years with over $90 billion being invested in the industry in 2021, compared to $12.5 billion in 2023.

InQubeta Expected to Enjoy Similar Growth to Other Top Performers like Avalanche and Tron

AI-powered software and devices are everywhere these days. Such things were once no more than wishful thinking, but self-driving vehicles and self-learning robots that clean floors are already a reality.

The possibilities are endless regarding how far AI technology can go, but it’s safe to say the industry’s future couldn’t be any brighter.

InQubeta (QUBE) provides a simple way for investors to earn profits with the AI industry’s growth. AI startups can raise capital by creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are fractionalized.

Investors purchase these QUBE tokens with the platform’s native currency: $QUBE. This bypasses all the barriers that could deter potential investors from using traditional investment firms like not having enough funds to meet the minimum investment requirements.

InQubeta’s ERC20 tokens are deflationary, which helps their long-term growth. Users pay a 2% tax on all QUBE buy and sell transactions. The collected tax is sent to a burn wallet. $QUBE tokens have a 5% tax placed on all sell transactions.

This tax is used to fund dedicated pools that send rewards to stakeholders. The staked coins are used to run and maintain the network.

InQubeta’s $QUBE tokens are also designed to act as governance tokens, allowing holders to be part of the platform’s decision-making process.

$QUBE holders will be able to propose, discuss, and vote on events related to the platform’s future direction, operation, and development.

Here’s how $QUBE’s governance model is designed to work:

  • Token holders propose ideas
  • The InQubeta community discusses the idea
  • Votes are taken with the weight of each holder’s vote determined by the size of their $QUBE portfolio
  • The InQubeta team works toward implementing the idea if it gets enough support


Tron (TRX) and Avalanche (AVAX) bouncing back After a Rough 2022

Avalanche and Tron enjoyed lots of success during their presales before their prices went spiraling downward in 2022, like many other cryptocurrencies.

InQubeta is on the verge of replicating their early success given how much attention its presale has already generated.

Avalanche provides a platform for custom blockchain networks and decentralized applications. It’s one of Ethereum’s biggest rivals that intends to someday replace it as the most popular blockchain that supports smart contracts.

TRON is a blockchain operating system that was initially developed as an ERC20 token on Ethereum’s network. It was moved to its own network a year later and its primary mission is to help content creators take ownership of their work.

It provides a platform for content creators to earn rewards for their work without using intermediaries like TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube.

TRON and Avalanche’s solutions to existing problems led to their exponential growth when first introduced. InQubeta solves an even bigger problem by providing a barrier-free way for investors to take part in the AI revolution.


Many investors expect InQubeta to become one of the best altcoins to buy in 2023 due to how easy it makes investing in AI startups, and the limitless potential of the artificial intelligence industry.

There’s no question about it, some of the AI startups emerging today will be worth billions or more in the future. Investors who pick the right AI startup stand to reap unprecedented profits.