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Malaysia’s Securities Commission (SC), a leading regulator in the country, ordered the Seychelles-based Huobi to terminate operations.

SC pointed to Huboi’s operation in the country without registration as the reason for expels. These compliance concerns are a serious offense in the South East Asian state.

Huobi’s no RMO (Recognized Market Operator) license under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 fell foul of Malaysian regulators. The crypto exchange is still one of the top marketplaces of digital assets.

The country isn’t exactly anywhere near some of the top countries with crypto operations. But the regulators are increasingly imposing bans on crypto-oriented companies, changing the tradition.

A CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is under development to reduce participation in the volatile market.

Crypto exchanges are facing a hard time across the world with lockouts, bans, and shutdowns. Huobi is the latest one to join the party, indicating considerable transformation in the market.

Binance Australia got banned, and Hotbit concluded operation within a week, questioning the stability of exchanges.

Only a few projects seem worth all the trouble, maintaining steadfast growth against all odds. Uwerx is the leading one to continue gaining more investment, attention, and increments within its presales.

Turning to Uwerx can provide satisfying returns during this bad, uncertain, and swinging market time.

Why Investing in Uwerx is Highly Profitable?

The blockchain-powered project offers superficial and contemporary features for freelancers. It’s a freelancing platform like no other, connecting the gig economy to the crypto space.

Uwerx’s concept also resolves some long-lasting problems regarding traditional freelancing platforms.

The gig economy contributed over $1T to the US economy in 2022, counting 5% of its entire GDP. Businesses find hiring remote but talented workers more cost-effective while getting better results.

People also enter the industry to enjoy freedom, professional growth, and flexibility.

Nearly 35% of the workforce has already become gig workers, which is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. Other developed countries require talented workers, expanding the reach of the market.

All these literally rocketed the adoption of traditional platforms with certain issues.

Uwerx, with its revolutionary features and uptakes, can entirely disrupt this forceful tradition. A 1% transaction fee remains the lowest in the freelancing industry.

WERX, Uwerx’s native crypto, will bear all the expenses required to keep the platform operational. So, gig workers won’t have high fees.

The ongoing WERX presales have already conducted sales in four successful phases, currently running the fifth one. Each token costs $0.041, predicted to hit the $2.2 to $3.0 mark within September.

The platform has started releasing updates and features for public use, pushing the utility.

Hence, exceeding the predicted price range is also possible, given the immense potential of Uwerx. WERX is the only supported payment option for freelancers and clients, adding more security.

Joining the presales at an early stage literally put the investments in a gold mine, ready to be opened.

Uwerx (WERX): More Updates are Pending as Alpha Goes Live

The platform’s first big release on May 19, Alpha, features the landing and signup pages. More features like login, search, settings, and dashboard are expected to be released by the next weekend.

It also initiates a gradual yet definitive transition to the Beta.

Meantime, Uniswap will introduce WERX to its portfolio by August, getting the token into official trades. Listing to a centralized exchange should help the renouncement of contract ownership, relieving tax concerns while boosting transaction transparency.

A Test Airdrop and Team Lock are developing as Twitter followers opted for these two events. The Uwerx team has already locked WERX in the 25-year liquidity pool before the presales wrap up. And the dates for Airdrop and Lock will be announced shortly.

Hyped presales observed a magnificent jump in the platform’s signups and social media following. Uwerx listed 7000+ successful signups with 1600+ Twitter followers and 1800+ Telegram members.

The freelancing platform offers nearly everything a gig worker needs to have decent career growth. And the token holds a bright, promising, and delightful future in the crypto market. Joining the presales as early as possible can provide the long-desired profit on the investment.

Use the following links to get yourself on the presale right away.

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network/