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In 2020, working from home transitioned from a rising trend into a necessity. This online evolution has undoubtedly left a permanent mark on the corporate world, with boardroom meetings replaced by video conferences and converted guest rooms standing in for office cubicles. However, this internal upheaval need not impact external communication with clients. With the right technology and a structured strategy, it is possible to optimize your interactions without exceeding your budget or compromising your privacy.

Keep your professional and personal presence distinct

One of the essential ways of successfully targeting your communication for maximum engagement is to ensure you maintain boundaries between your professional and personal life. This enables you to project the right image to your client base and create a more focused approach without distractions or unwanted violations of your privacy.

Something as simple as ensuring you always refer customers to a professional e-mail address with a unique domain name and memorable signature can make a huge difference in building your brand and legitimacy. Your social media must also convey the same streamlined message; if your account is not consistent with your tone or still contains personal content, it could lead to confusion and misdirection.

This is also true of your phone number. An extension is an automatic signifier for your customers: a mobile phone number suggests a small-scale, informal venture, while a toll-free number will make you sound more professional, as well as giving you a national presence. If you are running a neighborhood business, a local number may be a better means of communicating with your customers as it will boost credibility and trust amongst smaller communities.

Go fully mobile

Now that many businesses have moved all their operations into a new environment, the logical progression is to make the most of this remote workspace and become fully mobile. Gone are the days when we were tied to our desktop; this is the age of multi-device apps that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

Being truly mobile ideally involves having a phone line that is just as convenient to use when you need to go abroad. By getting a virtual number that is accessible through your laptop or mobile, you can engage your client base from wherever you are in the world, meaning that traveling need not hamper your communication or customer relationships.

Invest in the right software

Investing in the right communications software may enable you to optimize your existing hardware without buying into the latest upgrade. For instance, adding a virtual business number to your personal phone allows you to avoid purchasing another handset, and for a small company on a modest budget, this could make a huge difference. Having only one device could also potentially maximize efficiency and increase your chances of picking up important client calls.

Streamlining your client communications whilst working remotely is easier than you think when you take the time to strategize. In fact, it’s possible to keep your personal and professional identities separate without the need for distinct devices as long as you spend wisely on intelligent software. Installing a virtual phone system can even enable you to extend your business hours without being limited by location. In order to get yourself a virtual phone number, you may want to consider signing up for a free trial on Grasshopper. Right now, you can get $75 (or 10%) off annual plans!