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InQubeta’s (QUBE) platform specifically targets artificial intelligence (AI) startups, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting mainstream attention as investors jump at the chance to purchase equity in promising AI projects.

Some cryptocurrency experts are already predicting InQubeta will outperform other top altcoins like Avalanche (AVAX).

InQubeta has tethered itself to the AI revolution by providing a platform for startups to raise capital and giving investors who don’t have access to traditional investment options a secure, efficient way to purchase equity in promising companies.

InQubeta Getting Mainstream Attention as Presale Picks Up Steam

Artificial intelligence is poised to be the next technological breakthrough as an increasing number of AI-powered devices and services are launched.

The increasing viability of AI has caused a massive increase in the market value of the industry, from $12.75 billion in 2015 to $119.78 billion in 2022. The industry’s value is expected to rise to over $1.591 billion by 2030.

InQubeta (QUBE) is helping to push the increased investment in artificial intelligence by making it easier for investors to purchase equity in startups on their platform, while startups raise funds by offering rewards and equity-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Startups raise capital for their projects by developing NFTs on InQubeta’s blockchain, which runs on the Ethereum (ETH) network. These QUBE NFTs are listed on the platform’s marketplace, where investors purchase the tokens of companies they think have potential.

Purchases are made with the InQubeta blockchain’s native currency, $QUBE.

$QUBE tokens are deflationary as a 2% tax is tacked on all buy and sell transactions going to a burn wallet. This reduces the supply of $QUBE tokens, increasing the demand and prices.

Also, a 5% tax is added to sell transactions to fund a reward pool that allocates rewards to investors who stake their tokens.

InQubeta’s platform is built on the belief that the intersection of cryptocurrencies and AI technology provides unique opportunities for innovation and growth.

However, as impressive as the growth of the artificial intelligence industry has been in the past several years, it’s still being stifled by the unreasonable barriers many mainstream investment options have, like minimum deposits or a minimum net worth for investors.

InQubeta solves this problem by providing a platform that doesn’t have the same barriers that make traditional investment channels inefficient and inaccessible for many.

InQubeta’s marketplace provides an efficient investment process that’s equally beneficial for start-ups and investors.

It leverages the power of smart contracts and blockchains to create a secure, transparent, and democratic investment system while pushing the growth of artificial intelligence.

$QUBE holders get to be part of the network’s decision-making process. Investors can propose and vote on topics related to the platform’s future direction, operation, and development.

The size of each investor’s portfolio determines how much weight their voice carries. Ideas that garner enough votes are sent to InQubeta’s operations team to be implanted.


Avalanche experiences steady growth

Avalanche is one of Ethereum’s (ETH) rivals, and AVAX is its native currency. Like the Ethereum blockchain, it supports various blockchain projects with smart contracts.

It outperforms Ethereum by providing near-instant transactions. AVAX tokens are used as an accounting unit among blockchains in the Avalanche network, to secure the platform, and to pay transactions.

Avalanche investors have been bullish so far in 2023, with prices rising steadily. However, it hasn’t experienced anything close to the price increases InQubeta will have during its presale stages and the exponential growth it’s expected to have after being launched.


InQubeta is emerging as the top altcoin to buy as investors look to 4x their investments during the presale stage alone.

Given the exponential increase in the total investments thrown at the AI industry over the past several years, InQubeta is poised to enjoy significant growth after its launch.