With the Swords of Blood presale coming to a conclusion in the next few days, the team has decided to release a fresh batch of limited edition loot boxes, allowing participants in the sale to have the chance to win legendary equipment to use in-game in the epic hack-and-slash P2E thriller – which many analysts consider to be the next P2E sensation in the industry.

Swords of Blood is the first AAA-rated, fast-paced hack-and-slash RPG game deployed on the Polygon network. The project has generated meaningful traction, and investors are eagerly anticipating the launch of the token on tier-1 exchanges and the fully released version of the game to the public. You can still purchase SWDTKN at presale prices, but you will need to hurry as there are only a few days left.

Why is Swords of Blood Considered the Next P2E sensation to Jump On?

Swords of Blood has created waves in the industry after its presale managed to raise well over $1.3 million, causing a flurry of late-coming investment in the final few days. The project is a play-to-earn hack-and-slash thriller RPG, similar to Diablo, that has blockchain mechanics integrated on the Polygon network.

The game can boast flashy combat mechanics, stellar graphics, and a wide range of game modes for every kind of player to remain gripped. The project is a cross-play mobile and PC game built on the framework of an award-winning title released on mobile divides in 2019.

Although the previous title was unfinished, it managed to attract over 4 million downloads, and the retention rate of the player base is still very high today as they eagerly anticipate shifting to the P2E version to start earning rewards. HitBox Games bought the rights to publish the game with new additional features, such as the 150-hour expansion pack and the integrated blockchain mechanics.

Furthermore, the MVP version of the game is already playable for presale investors and is receiving rave reviews from players. The fully playable MVP version contains a wide range of modes, including the main campaign, a monster hunt to battle waves of monsters, and PvP modes.

5000 Founders Loot Boxes Available Today. Buy Before They Sell Out.

With the presale coming to a conclusion, the team wanted to reward early-stage adopters of the project by releasing its second loot box sale. This release will be for 5000 Founder’s Loot Boxes, which contain legendary items that can be used in-game to give players a competitive advantage.

One of the most innovative features of Swords of Blood is how they integrate playable NFTs. All NFTs in the game can be equipped by players to use in the game and can be traded on marketplaces like Open Sea or the in-game marketplace. In addition, the new Loot Box sale provides participants with the opportunity to win legendary items in the game that will bring their skills to the next level and allow them to progress faster.

The Founder’s Loot Boxes went up for sale on June 1st and are starting to sell out very quickly. Three tiers of Loot Boxes are available to purchase, each with different items inside.

The starting tier is for the Basic Epic Founders Box, which contains 1 Legendary-0 item, 600 gold, and 200 gems. This box will cost $50, and 2,500 were initially minted.

The next tier is for the Medium Legendary Founders Box, which contains 2-Legendary-0 items, 1 Legendary-1 item, 1300 gold, and 450 gems. This box also contains $20 worth of SWDTKN at TGE prices. The cost for this box is $100, and there are only 1500 available.

Finally, the highest tier available is the Big Legendary Founders Box. This box contains 5 Legendary-0 items, 2 Legendary-1 items, 3000 gold, 1000 gems, and $50 of SWDTKN at TGE prices. The cost for this box is $200, and there are only 1,000 available.

The best part about the Founder’s Boxes sale is that they all include a limited edition Founders Avatar Frame that players will undoubtedly cherish. Players can display these avatars on their profiles in-game, showing other players that they are early supporters of the project.

You can purchase the Loot Boxes using the following link; https://t.co/FkFPO6kxz4

Presale Still Active But Limited Time Remaining

The presale is swiftly approaching its conclusion and is scheduled to end on the 9th of June, 2023. The presale has been extremely successful and has raised a total of $1.3 million so far, as it quickly reaches the intended $1.37 million target initially set out by the team.

The presale is selling the SWDTKN at a price of $0.012, which still provides unrealized gains for buyers once the token is listed on tier-1 exchanges at a price of $0.015.

A great reason to purchase the token is the utility surrounding it. Every aspect of the game has the token integrated, with all fees, fines, and rewards being paid in the token. Furthermore, players must purchase the token to get past certain hero levels and advance in the game. As a result, there won’t be many players in the game’s later stages that haven’t previously purchased the SWDTKN. The token will also be used to trade commodities, characters, and skins on the marketplace.