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A diverse population, expanding economy, and increased income made Asia a top destination for cryptos. Several government policies managed to establish the region as a somewhat favorable place.

Some Asian countries are setting welcoming rules against the Western’s tight regulations.

With developing countries like India and Bangladesh supplying the majority of freelancers, gig-oriented Uwerx can thrive in the region. As the platform intends to connect the global gig economy to the crypto space, Uwerx has the utmost potential to succeed worldwide, beyond Asian regions.

Asian Governments are More Positive to Cryptos

More Asian countries are now leaning toward friendly, welcoming, and supportive regulations for crypto companies. Established economic powerhouses from the eastern side, like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, always held a reasonable attitude toward cryptos.

South East Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand) are also greatly preferred by companies. Nearly 600 crypto startups now operate across these countries.

And the UAE continues to flourish as a top destination for cryptos with its thriving economy.

Lots of developing countries sit within Asia, often subjected to inflation, autocratic control, and currency turmoil. Citizens are now well-aware of cryptos, increasingly turning to virtual assets.

Crypto experts started to believe Asia to gain market control soon enough.

Pakistan, Iran, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and other developing economies are going for regulatory controls instead of a total ban. Even China and India introduced virtual currency to cope with the market trends.

Bhutan recently recognized crypto in search of foreign investment.

Developed Asian countries are at the forefront of the ongoing Web3 revolution, promoting equitable and democratic internet use. All these go almost in the opposite direction of the Western approach to cryptos.

They have started to adopt a more cautious stance on digital assets lately.

Uwerx Can Wave the Worldwide Crypto Market

The first platform to integrate the power of blockchain for the freelancing industry comes with Uwerx. It harnesses the full characteristics of Web3 by implementing decentralization and tokennomics.

WERX is the native crypto for all transactions, allowing freelancers to know and use the crypto economy.

The global gig platform market will reach $9192.9M in 2026, three times the 2019’s $3393.5M value. It demonstrates more participation of people with further adoption of traditional platforms.

But Uwerx stands in the competition differently with groundbreaking concepts, features, and implementations.

Uwerx charges only a 1% commission on every contract, the lowest in the freelancing industry. Its security protocols are audited by InterFi Network and SolidProof, revealing no mentionable leaks.

Some built-in features will motivate freelancers by avoiding monotonous tasks or payment fraud.

As the freelancing market continues to grow worldwide, Uwerx can succeed everywhere. Businesses increasingly hire remote workers to fill talent gaps, ending the high demand. Beneficial features, systems, and collaboration should put the platform ahead of everyone as the first choice.

WERX Presales in Full Swing to Cause Sell Outs

The presales maintain a brisk pace throughout the entire session, nearly closing to a sell-out for the fifth and final phase. Each WERX now sells at $0.047725 with a 15% bonus for new customers. With a hyped response, readjusting the price while discontinuing the newcomer’s reward seems imminent.

The platform recently released its Alpha version ahead of some breakthrough events for WERX. More custom features are in development to be added to the released version shortly.

It’ll help with the projected transition of Alpha to Beta, letting users try and test Uwerx themselves.

The Uwerx team also locked the tokens in a 25-year liquidity pool while planning for an announcement. WERX presales are scheduled to wrap up on July 31, letting Uniswap list the token for trading.

Events like Test Airdrop and contract renouncement are also pending based on the releases.

Exceptionally high potential sent prospective investors in a rush to grab the ultimate bet. Previous projections had a value between $2.2 to $3.0 by 2024 Q3, likely increasing with more updates. And such buzz should send signup and community member numbers through the roof.

Joining the presales before the next increase in price is the best way to keep the profits high. Use one of the links to grab your opportunity with WERX right away –

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network