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Crypto Analysts identify AI Projects Bittensor (TAO) and InQubeta (QUBE) as the next big thing

The crypto market is abuzz with anticipation as crypto analysts identify Bittensor (TAO) and InQubeta (QUBE) as the next big things in the industry due to their cutting-edge AI projects.

These two platforms have captured the attention of experts and investors alike, showcasing their immense potential to disrupt and revolutionize various sectors.

These projects harness the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize various sectors and offer unique solutions to real-world problems.

With their advanced technology, promising potential, and innovative teams, Bittensor and InQubeta are poised to significantly impact crypto and offer lucrative investment opportunities for those looking to participate in the AI revolution.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating worlds of Bittensor and InQubeta, exploring their innovative features and analyzing why they have garnered such excitement and anticipation.

InQubeta (QUBE): Empowering Investors with Fractionalized Crowdfunding and NFT Marketplace for AI Startups

InQubeta is an exciting project introducing a revolutionary approach to crowdfunding AI startups through fractional investment.

InQubeta’s platform enables investors to invest in some of the most promising AI startups worldwide. By utilizing QUBE tokens, investors can participate in fractionalized investments, making them accessible to a wider range of budgets.

One key feature that sets InQubeta apart is its NFT marketplace, where AI startups can mint investment opportunities into cool NFTs.

These NFTs are fractionalized, making it easier for investors to diversify their portfolios and invest according to their budgets.

As the projects grow and achieve milestones, investors can earn rewards and benefits through equity-based NFTs, aligning their interests with the success of the startups.

InQubeta also encourages active participation from QUBE token holders through its governance system. By holding QUBE DeFi tokens, investors can propose, discuss, and vote on various aspects of the platform’s development and operation.

This democratic and community-driven ecosystem allows token holders to shape the platform’s future, contributing to the growth and success of AI technology startups.

By staking QUBE DeFi tokens, investors can earn rewards from the platform’s 5% sell tax, which goes into a dedicated reward pool. This staking mechanism provides an opportunity for the community to earn QUBE token rewards and supports the growth of AI technology startups.

It creates a mutually beneficial relationship where investors are incentivized to actively participate while nurturing the development of the projects they invest in.

The presale of InQubeta has generated tremendous attention from investors looking for the best crypto to buy, fueling already high expectations surrounding the project’s potential.

The presale stage is divided into ten stages, and each stage enables investors to secure QUBE tokens at different price levels, offering flexibility based on individual budgets and investment preferences.

Currently, the beta stage of the presale has yielded impressive outcomes, with over $340,000 raised and over 80% of QUBE tokens sold.


Bittensor (TAO): Redefining Decentralized AI Networks with Blockchain Technology

Bittensor is an AI project that aims to redefine the concept of decentralized AI networks. Using blockchain technology, TAO creates a platform that allows AI models to be trained, shared, monetized, and decentralized.

This unique approach ensures that AI models remain secure, private, and accessible to a global community of developers and researchers.

What sets Bittensor apart as one of the best crypto to buy is its unique approach to AI incentivization, where participants contribute valuable resources and earn tokens in return.

These tokens can be staked and used for various purposes within the Bittensor ecosystem. This innovative model encourages collaboration and rewards contributors, fostering a vibrant AI community.


The crypto analysts’ identification of TAO and QUBE as the next big thing in AI projects holds immense promise for the future.

Both projects demonstrate strong potential for leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize various industries and address complex challenges.

InQubeta, however, with its innovative approach, cool NFTs, and cutting-edge technology, has caught the eye of investors.

Join the movement, explore the possibilities, and make your mark on the next big thing – invest in QUBE today.