Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are just a few of the cryptocurrencies that have minted millionaires out of early investors. As incredible as these coins are, they can’t replicate their past performance due to obvious reasons. Their growth is confined by their market caps, which are already in the millions.

If you’re in the crypto market for its glorious rags-to-riches tales, the key lies in finding new and underrated cryptocurrencies that can take off in a few months. In this article, we introduce you to one project that fits the criteria and has the potential to break out this year – Chimpzee.

What Makes Chimpzee a Potential 100X Crypto?

The crypto market spawns dozens of new cryptocurrencies every week. It is hard for new projects to distinguish themselves in a crowded market. But if we take a closer look at these assets, we will find that most of them are flimsy, with no relevant use cases supporting their value. As a result, they bite the dust within a few days of the DEX launch.

But Chimpzee has managed to stand apart and draw massive attention to its underlying crypto wildlife conservation project. And for the right reason – It introduces an excellent blockchain-powered ecosystem for mitigating climate change and wildlife destruction.

While most of us are aware of the grave climate crisis we are in, the awareness has not translated into a tangible solution so far. We’re still doing things as we have been always doing, mindlessly destroying the world around us that we’re a part of.

How come?

We are so caught up with our everyday struggles that need immediate attention. Climate action is important, but it’s not immediate as far as most of us are concerned. Chimpzee tackles this problem.

Crypto Incentivization as a Tool for Climate Action

Chimpzee believes that people need more than just awareness to act. They need incentivization. And not the idea of a distant future that is pristine and brimming with fauna and flora at that. We’re talking about immediate incentivization using money.

It’s important to compensate people for their time and efforts, no matter how universal the climate goal is. Or else, climate action will be confined to a few eco-conscious individuals, businesses, and nations. That’s not enough.

To encourage more people to join climate action, Chimpzee puts forward multiple streams of attractive passive rewards.

  • Shop to earn with the Chimpzee Store – Get exciting rewards in CHMPZ coins, the native crypto of the platform, every time you buy merchandise. It sets aside a portion of its profits to organizations that share its goals.
  • Trade to earn with Chimpzee NFT Marketplace – The NFT marketplace marks itself off with a unique profit-sharing system and its prioritization of eco-conscious projects and assets.
  • Play to earn with Chimpzee Zero Tolerance Game – The addictive game sub-consciously inspires young players to fight wildlife destruction.

To get exclusive benefits in the ecosystem, you need to be a Chimpzee NFT holder.

Chimpzee Passports: How to Get the Most Sought-After NFTs of this Year?

Chimpzee NFT passports give you numerous advantages and privileges within the ecosystem, and the extent of these benefits increases with each tier. For instance, the Diamond NFT Passport provides the highest rewards, benefits, and advantages, accompanied by a 20% staking APY.

However, the minting of NFT passports is reserved for participants in the presale. And only those who take part in the initial stage of the presale gain access to the Diamond NFT Passport minting. The whitelist events for each passport category are hosted following the presale of CHMPZ coins.

The public can mint the NFTs if there are any remaining from the whitelist events. But that is unlikely, given the rapidly growing popularity of the project.

Chimpzee’s native AI generator allows users to create personalized Chimpzee avatars. Although they are priced the same as a Diamond NFT Passport, they do not offer all the associated benefits and rewards. They will go live after the presale.

Can $1000 in Chimpzee Make you a Millionaire?

The CHMPZ presale is now live, giving the public an opportunity to invest in the project before it goes live on exchanges. It will be held in multiple stages with small price increases, each of which will have multiple price increases within.

It is designed in a way to allow early investors to secure the best discounts as well as benefits.

Given that Chimpzee is one of the most promising projects this year with the scope for mainstream brand and celebrity adoptions, it has the potential to generate multifold returns for early investors. Industry analysts predict a 10X-25X price rise for the token upon its exchange listing, depending on the broader market environment.

But the real potential of the token will be unveiled in 2024, as the ecosystem unfolds and secures celebrity/brand partnerships. With a growing foothold in the global green market, CHMPZ has the potential to turn an early $1000 investment into $1M.

Note: Presale participants can now receive up to 300% bonus CHMPZ coins and help save the black jaguar!