Heading into work every day to an office with beige and boring walls can be quite demotivating–and let’s not even get started on the uninspiring furnishings that sit in the corner. Now picture this: going into a bright and dynamic office every day that can actually inspire collaboration among team members with just the addition of professional furnishings.

Adding a little color and life to the modern office space can be difficult. The renovation process can take what seems like a lifetime from start to finish, and let’s be honest, who has that kind of time on their hands when you have work to get done?

New contract furniture and a thoughtful layout can brighten up any office. From and office manager standpoint, having an agreement to provide furnishings in bulk makes the process of procurement much simpler.

Benhar Office Interiors is looking to improve the way that you deal with the process of acquiring contract furniture through education. Located in NYC, the Furniture 201 program was launched in January 2015. This offers educational opportunities about the industry through weekly series, as well as discussions of the history of contract furniture procurement. The aim of the program is to help explain and simplify the contract furniture RFP process for designers, architects, facility managers and students wanting to expand their knowledge and skills in this area.

“As we were working closely with entry and mid-level designers, we saw a real desire for more education on the contract furniture procurement process,” said Victoria Price, marketing director of Benhar Office Interiors.

“We believe that by going beyond just providing samples, pricing and products to our customers, and creating a way that we can help designers better understand and navigate the procurement process, we will be able to share our knowledge and expand their skill set into new territories.”

Within a typical program, there are weekly lunch-and-learn series for entry to mid-level designers. But they’re no longer just for designers: managers, architects and students alike can benefit from learning about the contract furniture market.

In order to accommodate everyone’s schedules, these lessons only last about an hour, you get treated to lunch while you’re learning and there’s even time for a Q&A session.

“We believe in continuing workplace research and knowledge at Benhar Office Interiors, and we’re committed to helping provide that to our partners. By delivering methods of education and empowerment to our customers, we’re able to help them create great places to work and learn,” said Mark Benhar, president of Benhar Office Interiors. “We believe our Furniture 201 program does just that.”

The Furniture 201 program, which is a certified unit from the American Institute of Architects and the Interior Design Continuing Education Council, is centered around specific learning objectives including The Designer’s Role in Commercial Interior Project Success, Insight About Contract Furniture, The Roles of Manufacturers and Dealers, The Specifics of Specifying and The Furniture Procurement Process.

Benhar Office Interiors offers contract furniture procurement for conference rooms, common areas, ergonomic tools and more and is available from over 150 brands.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Benhar Office Interiors. All opinions are 100% my own.