There’s no textbook approved way to successfully grow your business. One way that might work out for one company, will not necessarily be as successful for a different company. The most important thing to remember is to think outside the box at all times. By doing something slightly differently to everyone else, you are likely to attract more attention and customers may even prefer what you offer. So, here are some more unconventional and alternate ways to grow your business.

Voucher Codes: Now who doesn’t love saving money on something cool? Your potential customers certainly love it. It’s also an extremely easy to consistently keep these new customers that you bring on board, and those who you still need to attract happy, as there’s no limit to the voucher codes that you can promote. The best thing is, you’re giving a customer something in return for their business. Placing you with a competitive advantage over all your other conventional competitors who frankly now appear not to care about their customers. It’s a great growth initiative.

Take advantage of the Web:The internet is an absolutely fantastic place to promote and grow your business. There are numerous clients just waiting to stumble onto your website. Unfortunately many companies don’t utilise the full potential the web has for expanding their business. If you want to sell or promote your product, then you’ll understand the importance of being where these potential customers are. By engaging with existing and potential customers through email, social media, and your website, not only do you increase the quality of your customer service but you also create a personality for your business. This is likely to increase your customer retention and thus your companies overall growth.

Publicity Stunt: Publicity is a vital way for businesses to be discovered by new customers. However, exposure is not always an easy thing to come by. If you’re struggling to grab the attention of the press or media outlets around your local area then a publicity stunt can be an extremely effective way to get the necessary attention to get some exposure. Not only are publicity stunts likely to get you covered by the press but they also encourage word of mouth, and there’s nothing more effective than people actually telling their friends and colleagues about your company. Great publicity stunts usually require a lot of planning and financial investment, but successful publicity stunts can generate significant growth to the business.

Essentially, in order to grow your business you need to focus on your marketing and also your customer service. Sometimes you have to step back and evaluate how you are marketing your company, sometimes you might have to accept that the conventional strategies are not going to work for your company and that you must creatively explore other strategies to promote the growth and development of your business. Customer service is important for getting repeat sales from customers, since customer retention contributes to overall growth, and it also creates a presence around your brand. By openly and frequently communicating with your customers and other potential customers online then you encourage sales and brand evangelists.

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