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The constantly evolving cryptocurrency industry continues to experience massive diversification with meme coins on the scene.

In the last few years, meme coins have become the best investment choice for many, yielding a large amount of profit. The meme coin innovation has transformed the industry for the better.

Some tokens are experiencing massive games, while others are grappling to maintain their value. Dogecoin and Pepe Coin were considered to be the top coins for a long time.

However, experts are now predicting that DigiToads (TOADS) is the next big thing in crypto after Dogecoin and Pepe Coin.

Are you looking for the best crypto to buy in today’s market? The growing trend of DigiToads has made analysts predict a 100x return for people investing in it.

DigiToads’ practical utilities and potential of giving higher returns have made it the most likable cryptocurrency asset for cryptocurrency whales.

It is a meme coin with a purpose. Experts are predicting that it will become a stable crypto asset in comparison to other fading meme coins, such as Dogecoin and Pepe Coin.

Dogecoin and Pepe Coin are No More the Rising Star

Dogecoin is popular for its meme-inspired origins and generally dominates the meme coin space. However, recently, it has hit a rough patch, causing investors to look for more promising opportunities.

With the fluctuations in its value, uncertainty looms over the future of Dogecoin, while analysts predict the broader market to recover, the fate of Dogecoin remains unclear.

Pepe Coin has been the rising star of the meme coin market and has catapulted past the popular meme coin, Dogecoin. It was launched around a few months ago and has made a significant profit since its launch.

The token reached a market capitalization of $1.8 billion within just a few weeks. But it has now fallen by more than 22% and its market capitalization has dropped below $600 million.

So, investors are still looking for more stablecoins.

DigiToad is a Meme Coin that Will Not Fade

DigiToads, the DeFi crypto, has garnered the attention and trust of cryptocurrency whales. The functional characteristics of this particular DeFi token makes it a desirable cryptocurrency asset, while its meme coin aspect ensures a speedy price increase.

DigiToads strives to be one of the most popular P2E tokens and meme coins.

It offers extraordinary income potential to investors while functioning as a credible cryptocurrency for its community members. One of the striking features of DigiToads is NFT staking.

It is available to all DigiToads NFT holders. TOADS NFT stakeholders and investors are going to receive massive rewards through TOADS tokens using 2% of the tax from TOADS for as long as they are staking their NFTs.

DigiToads is a deflationary token. So, the supply of its tokens is going to decrease over time. Being a scarce asset, its value is only going to increase with time. Moreover, there is no vesting period in the token’s ecosystem. It means that the burn tokens are returned to the system instantly.

Another very striking feature of the project is P2E gaming where players take care of their toads as pets and prepare them for tournaments.

Using TOADS, players can stock up on food supplies to feed and strain their virtual toads. Once the toads are ready to fight and defeat other toads, players can take part in exciting gaming contests for bagging prizes and TOADS tokens for every win.

The project’s presale has achieved massive success. It has already collected more than $4.4 million and is in its 7th presale stage.

So, analysts predict that the sensational cryptocurrency might double its price within a few months.


Bottom Line

The meme coin industry’s recent growth has brought nothing but smiles to the face of investors. But many meme coin projects are fading as their trends just vanish in this competitive market.

While introducing promising profit returns and having solid support soon after their launch, Pepe Coin and Dogecoin are fading meme coins that brought uncertainty to their investors.

If you are looking for the best crypto for beginners, DigiToads with its deflationary token, early access to TOADS token, and practical utilities is a top-notch choice.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.