Why Employees Leave

Why Employees Leave

Why employees leave and how to keep them has always been a question for human resources. As an executive leadership coach I get asked this question often.

The equation is pretty simple: Employees like to be at a company where they feel important and valued. They want to feel like they are able to use their talents and their time effectively, to really make an impact.

Your employees like to feel their effort is noticed and appreciated, this motivates them! I always say that employees want three things; Love, Appreciation , and Respect.

If you can give your employees those three things they will stay with you longer because that is more important than money to most people in todays world..

How to Retain Your Employees

Employee retention begins with the hiring process if you have a system and know what you truly need you will attract the right individuals. As an executive leadership consultant I have seen many organizations that need to use assessments and don’t.

Using assessments is crucial in weeding out candidates that may not fit in with your corporate culture which helps your retention.

Using Assessments in the Hiring Process

The reason we use assessments is to eliminate prospective employees who would not fit in with our mission and culture. Many time employers get desperate and hire the first person that walks into their office.

I have done this and it obviously did not work!

A rule of thumb the longer time you spend searching for the right employees, the longer time you retain them. My clients who are searching for a CEO, for a major corporation they take their time for due diligence. They do this so they can be sure they have the right candidate for the position.

Lessons Learned

In Conclusion, the major lessons I have learned about why employees leave is They Quit The Boss, Not The Job!