What Inspired This Episode?

Jessie-Lee and I are both brand storytellers. While I do that in the literal sense with words, she does that visually through design and websites. So in this inaugural episode of the Creator’s Block podcast, we tackle a big, hairy issue that impacts both agency pros and business owners alike – how should design and content work together, especially in the context of a website redesign project?

Well, thanks to a big website we were collaborating on at the time we recorded this episode, we had a lot to say on this subject…

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So, What Did We Talk About?

  • Who we are and why we started the Creator’s Block podcast.
  • Why designers and content creators can (and should) work hand-in-hand.
  • Why you need to be thinking about design and content as two sides of the same coin.
  • When it comes to website projects, which do you develop first? Content or design?
  • The most important questions businesses should ask prospective agencies.
  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur or to be truly passionate about something.

Here’s What We Had to Say:


“I’m not a puppet. I’m a person who understands how to problem-solve visually.”

“Sometimes good ideas happen at 4:30 in the morning.”

“If you work at an agency in your own designer bubble – pop it. Pop it and go talk to your content person.”

“We win when our clients win. We like to develop partnerships with our clients.”

“Once you hit ‘go’ on launch day, that’s not the end of your website. That’s the beginning. A website is a dynamic, living, breathing thing.”


“You’re a designer; I’m a content creator. But ultimately, we’re both storytellers.”

“If someone is able to give you a simple answer – ‘Which comes first, content or design?’ – that’s a huge red flag.”

“If you run an agency, and your designers and content creators aren’t talking, you need to facilitate that.”

“It’s the ‘Jurassic Park’ rule. Just because you can make a dinosaur doesn’t mean you should.”

“You don’t get to have those amazing wins without a bit of pain and a ton of hard work – tons of mental and literal elbow grease.”

…until next week!