Website Conversion: Calling Your Buyers to Action

If you were asked what you want your website to accomplish would you be able to quickly give a definitive answer? Most likely your response would be to show off your best work or describe your company and it’s capabilities.

Those are both a good start, but there is something vitally important that’s missing and that’s a specific call to action that engages your process.

I would imagine you want to sell more work. For that to happen your website visitors need to know what you want them to do next. You have to be very clear about what that action is to increase the website conversion rate.

Have you ever gone to your inbox to retrieve an email, been distracted by new ones, answered a few and then after a while realized that this is not why you opened your inbox?

This happens to all of us. In fact, you may not even remember what you were originally looking for in that inbox. The same thing happens when you go to Facebook to do research, right?

This is what’s happening when visitors land on your website. This is why you want to be making clear calls to action. And you need to be doing that quickly, such as at the top of the home page, because they may have short attention spans or be easily distracted.

Some excellent calls to action are:

  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Join your free member community
  • Book an appointment online
  • Call to book an appointment
  • Email your office
  • Download a white paper that offers additional value

You get the idea.

All of these give you the opportunity to further guide their journey with your company, mostly by acquiring an email address so that you can have your sales team engage them.

Let’s bring this home with an example.

If your sales process starts with a meeting in your office, then that’s what you want your website to accomplish. Everything on your website should be designed to achieve that outcome.

Finally, let’s talk about social media as a call to action. It’s not a good idea.

The problem with taking visitors to your social media channels is you lose control. Why would you want to take them off of your platform, your website, which is the one that is most likely to convert?

I have my social profiles linked on my website, but way down at the bottom with the fine print. Not at the top where they would compete with my calls to action

If you have the Facebook pixel on your website you can target your website visitors with ads when they are on Facebook. You can encourage them to like your Facebook page at that time if that’s what you want them to do.

Call to Action

The second call to action for this episode is to decide what you want your website to accomplish. Then create calls to action that ask your website visitors to take that action so you can help them enjoy the benefits of working with your business.