Dear everyone who posts negativity on social media. This is an open letter to all my business owner friends who keep consuming their time by sharing all the bad news about the economy.

This sucks!!! The economy is in the tank. The governor is raising taxes. Companies are leaving my state. Zombies are coming!

Here’s my question for you… are you going to let this consume your life or are you going to get off you duff and go create new opportunities for yourself?

See, energy goes where attention flows. What consumes your thoughts is what will be your situation.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines you altitude – Zig Ziglar

If you think life sucks and you can’t get ahead… your life will suck and you won’t get ahead.

See this entire rant here as recorded on Periscope:

An opportunity of a lifetime might be right in front of you but you’ll miss it. Trust me, I have had many opportunities present themselves to me. They are hard to see if you’re not actively looking for them.

And if all you’re focused on is how bad it is, that’s all you will see.

There is not a thing you can do to change the situation with the economy. Well, you can if you build a billion dollar company and employ lots of people. That might fix the economy more than sharing negativity on Facebook.

Only other way you can make any impact is by getting involved. Like running for office. Or becoming a voice in the community.

But that would mean it would become your job.

Your attitude determines your altitude. Want to soar? You can’t do it if you’re allowing negativity into your life.

I skip right over your articles about how bad things are in the economy. How another company is moving out of our state because the taxes are too high. How things are getting worse. Etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Keep focusing on that and let me know if it does anything for you aside from making you angrier or more depressed. What positive thing came from focusing on the negative? Has the Governor decided to change things based on everyone’s social media complaining? I bet not.

There is always ALWAYS opportunity out there for those looking for it. But only those in a positive, creative and open state of mind will find it.

So there are two choices as I see it.

Build a billion dollar business and become part of the solution. Focus your efforts on finding opportunity and stay away from all the pessimism that’s consuming everyone’s psyches. Or go run for office. But for me… I’m going after opportunity so do me a favor and don’t fill my head with negativity.

See, when my head is filled with these negative thoughts, this weird thing happens. I get down. I get depressed. I start thinking it’s hopeless. These are not things that I can afford to let in.

Because there is always opportunity for a go getter. Always. I don’t care how bad it is out there, there will always be opportunity for someone who is looking for it.

So I need to be on the hunt. Yes, it sucks what happened here in my state of CT. Maybe it sucks in your state too. And if it doesn’t yet suck in your state, wait a few years.

Yes, the economy sucks all over the place. But I am way too busy trying to get filthy rich to let that take away my creativity.

Want to complain about it? Fine. Just don’t include me. I’m on a mission.

Want to come with me and get filthy rich… cool. Just remember, no negative vibes allowed.