On this episode, Brian and Dan change up the time and day they record and I have a feeling you’re going to LOVE the SMAC results. The topic started off debating how new media needs old marketing skills and old marketing needs to embrace new media marketers but then things took off. Based on the live viewers feedback, Brian and Dan might need to switch to recording at night because this was a passion filled 40 mins that you’ll need to hold onto your seats to enjoy.

Some of the takeaways from this episode:

  • Faster Marketing is the current trend
  • Live Video is growing and changing the game both for good and bad
  • What new problems result with new media
  • Brian stated: “I’ve been evangelizing for people to create a bunch of crap content!” Brian used the Facebook 360 and Discovery channel collaboration as an example of even with good content, good technology and good brands doesn’t guarantee the content won’t suck.
  • Importance of understanding the basics of marketing so that you can stay in business and market new technology like IoT, AR, VR and other innovations.
  • Brian and Daniel might be millennials but they took a hardline at calling out those that are just broadcasting and screaming on every channel and they feel bad for today’s business owner as it’s hard to find and filter the noise of who good marketers are.
  • Adobe Chat (Adobe sponsor of SMACtalk) was mentioned as the twitter chat topic was about the changing TV ads and Marketing in 2017.
  • Daniel gave shoutouts to Gary Vaynerchuk, Marcus Sheridan and Jay Baer on how they’ve created brands and messaging around true and tried marketing tactics not fluff or social media vanity.
  • Importance of defining success and working towards business goals no matter if it’s live streaming, Snapchat, 360-video or an email marketing campaign.
  • Brian launched a new podcast two weeks ago called FOMOfanz but in this episode Dan makes it a point to mention how Brian links a strategy and business goal to everything he does although big name marketers in the industry might not realize that.

There is so much more in this episode and much of it might surprise you or cause you to rewind but there is no doubt that the late night podcast recording brought the passion, the rants and a longer episode than SMACtalk normally.

Watch the live recording of the show here: https://www.facebook.com/iSocialFanz/videos/712131435601318/