Gray Defevere (head of Defevere Advisory Group) introduced me to one of the Directors of the So Cal Tech Group who is very much into the “start-up” space– particularly since he is the managing partner of a private bank. The interesting part here is that when one is active in that part of the state — and even national or global– economy, you get an entirely different view at that altitude. Hence why Gray DeFevere (and several of his colleagues and friends) will show up on this blog.

When I recorded this podcast, the outlook for California’s economy wasn’t so great. In terms of a global picture here in California where typically the economy for this state has been larger than MOST countries, it’s been a bit wobbly. I can’t say whether it’s much better but looking at what’s going on in terms of start-ups and growth of middle market ventures there is some serious reasons to be optimistic. To assess where the economy both locally, state-wide and nationally, it’s often best to talk to someone who has a truly “global” view of the business landscape. One such person happens to be Thomas Turney, managing principal in NewCap Partners

Mr. Turney has been involved in a variety of merger and acquisition transactions during his career with NewCap Partners. He has also participated in a variety of financing transactions, with a particular focus on management buyouts. Tom Turney was willing to talk about the state of the state and lots more in this 2 part podcast. This is part one. It’s fascinating when one ventures into the world of venture capital and helping emerging businesses – particularly those in technology — grow.

Relevant Points:
–Comparison of this recession or GDP decline currently and that of the Great Depression.

–Shift in cost of labor versus cost of capital (leaner numbers of employees)

–Rise of technology and innovation in various sectors

–Import of education and how the US education system compares on an international level.

– Use of internet for education

– Entrepreneurial spirit and environment

– Tax policies (on various levels — state and national) to foster innovation and entrepreneurial ventures

–States (read California!) need to get competitive with other states to keep innovative and tech-savvy companies within the home state.

– Outsourcing of jobs overseas

–Regulations of start-ups and middle market jobs

– Creation of products that global market will want to buy!

Thanks to Thomas Turney for his time. This is just part 1; part 2 is even better!

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of this podcast!

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