Watercooler iSocialFanz Bitmoji“Organic Facebook is now the office water cooler. Nothing more.”

On this episode of SMACtalk Daniel Newman and I begin the discussion talking about the value of Facebook and the need for rethinking the prioritization we place on the platform. We also questioned how much time entrepreneurs spend on the Facebook or any other online tool in 2017. The live audience listening on Facebook Live then took the conversation in a much more dynamic direction as we started discussing business value and priorities of entrepreneurs and making sure VALUE is something we all examine on a regular basis! The end product was 40 minutes of dynamic conversation that anyone and everyone can relate too and hopefully get something from.

*This episode inspired me to remove the Facebook app from my phone and I felt it was so valuable I syndicated it to my podcast FOMOFanz which you can listen to below or on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play OttoRadioSoundCloud iHeartRadio

More of Daniel’s Statement here:

Facebook has truly returned to its roots of being purely a place to BS and talk about politics, family, sports, and news, but compared to the time that many people spend on it, it has almost no business value.

Here is an easy way to tell. If you share something on FB that is closely connected to your work, what kind of engagement do you get? Now, share an article about your kids or politics and see what happens. If I share an article about cloud, semiconductors or IoT, I get almost nothing. If I share a picture of my kids I get a day or two of endorphin rising notifications.

Brian & Daniel met 3 years ago.... SMACtalk in 3D!Over the past couple of months I’ve spent much less time here, but I’ve actually become a better customer to Facebook because instead of using it Organically, when I share business related things I put paid behind it so the content reaches a very targeted audience that could potentially consume what I’m trying to share/sell/spread. Furthermore, I’ve realized that the time I spent here and the “Influence” built here has no correlation to the work I do nor does it for many others. This has since been further proven as I’ve never been busier with client work when I was spending less time being distracted by a few interesting discussions and a littering of mind-numbing self-serving opining and a sprinkle of self-promotional content that makes me further understand why people don’t want to see such content from me. Also, studies have shown it takes 25 minutes to return to work following a distraction. As a partner in multiple businesses, I find this troubling to consider how those constantly being lured in by these distractions are able to produce at even a fraction of their potential. This maps to a conversation about the future of work and compensation that will have to wait for another day.

Now, having said that, Facebook is a perfectly great place to have the water cooler talk. It is nice to spend time catching up on world events and having the chance to debate them and do it in volume. However, I seriously doubt many people are able to look at their time spent here critically and come to the conclusion that there is a good return on their investment of time. Facebook is great to reach an audience, but really this is a paid vehicle, not an organic one. If you aren’t selling MLM, then most client acquisition won’t take place here and you would be better suited to make your connections on LinkedIn or Twitter or a more specialized group setting that has more targeted audiences.

And yes, I realize some people will not agree with me. Some may even lecture me as to why I’m wrong. I’ll hear about the many great relationships that have been built here (and those are important too). But I would also suggest that odds are some good things would have happened for those people had they spent the same time on other networks or at risk of sounding crazy, that time spent working.

Okay…I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. And I’ll come back to look at some point, but not until I’m done with stuff that makes the hay.

Next look for a barrage of pics of the kids and dog. Because that is what people really want to see here…