Welcome to episode 24 of the podcast power marketing podcast, bringing you top tips and insights into the tools and strategies that can help you launch or improve your podcast.

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Today’s episode was inspired by my good friend Hayden Lee, who’s just launched a brand new podcast called The Travel Stories Podcast. When he was launching the podcast he reached out to me via Facebook on where to actually direct his listeners to best get them to take action based on his goals. So I guided him through a few strategies and I wanted to share them here on the podcast too so all of the listeners got to benefit from the session I had on Facebook with Haydn.

In this podcast we cover

  • Where should you direct your listeners? iTunes and Stitcher radio or to your website?
  • What’s the journey you want to take your listener on
  • Why the goal of your podcast should be clear from the start
  • How to create clear call to actions in your podcast
  • Why opt ins are important for your podcast’s website
  • How to set up an opt in form for your podcast with Total Support Widget
  • Why it can be beneficial to use PowerPress on your Podcast’s WordPress website.