Episode 103

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Ian Anderson Gray

We’re going to talk about social media tools and how to use them to free up your time. But first…

  • Yes, we talk about tea.
  • What singing on stage has to do with teaching and helping people with social media
  • Ian admits something most people don’t
  • How he went from unknown to speaking at major social media events
  • The article he wrote that still gets 10k views per month (This is a great example of how to build your own traffic)
  • How to become a sought after speaker (The one simple thing Ian did that you can too).
  • Ian’s treasure chest of go-to social media tools
  • How Ian decides which tool is right for him and his clients
  • How to automate social media activities (How Ian uses it… this can be a little dangerous if you’re not careful)
  • The tool he uses to find popular content to share

You can meet Ian this year if you’re going to Social Media Marketing World in San Diego this April. And you can follow Ian on Twitter at @IAGDotMe