What Inspired This Episode?

Jessie-Lee and I not only love what we do, we love where we do it – at an inbound marketing agency. But what some have dubbed “the agency life” isn’t for everyone. Or is it?

There seems to be a lot of debate in the marketing world about the role of an agency in someone’s career. Some see working at a marketing agency as a necessary (evil) prerequisite they need to knock out before moving onto the “next big thing” on their resume, while others have a fairy tale-like dream of working in a collaborative team environment, where they get to be creative every day.

So in this week’s episode we try to answer the question: “Who should – and shouldn’t – work for a marketing agency?”

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So, What Did We Talk About?

  • Can’t anyone work at a marketing agency? (Spoilers: Nope.)
  • How we ended up at Quintain, and why we love agency life.
  • Jessie-Lee shares what she looks for when she conducts her Quintain culture interviews, as well as some of her favorite questions.
  • Red flags for job seekers – how to know when an agency might not be the right choice for you.
  • Why the right people get that working at an agency is so much more than just doing the actual marketing.
  • Our favorite ways to unwind outside of the office, when we need a little “self-care” refresh.

Here’s What We Had to Say:


“The one thing that I hear time and time again that absolutely grinds my gears is, ‘Well, I think [working at an agency] could be really fun – to be super creative and collaborate a lot…’ It makes my heart sink a little bit.”

“It’s not like the movies, where you go into the room and there’s the pool table and the ping pong tables and the dartboards, and you’re in ideation mode all the time.”

“You do have to be a little off-your-rocker to work at an agency.”

“I wanted to be Ross from Friends when I grew up. It’s a cultural reference, Liz!”

“If you’re that person who needs that finite schedule of, “These are my work hours, and these are my play hours,” and those two don’t interact, agency life is going to be really hard for you.”


“What frustrates me is when people go to an agency to check the box. ‘Oh, I just need the agency experience, before I can go in-house.’ Thank you. That’s like saying to us, ‘You’re the person I need to date, before I can get to the person I’m going to marry.’”

“It’s not like I came strolling out when I was a baby and said, ‘I want to work at an agency when I grow up!’”

“There’s no room for hubris at an agency. There’s no room for saying you know your crap and you don’t.”

“Anyone who works at an agency – in any capacity – is a relationship manager, to some degree.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell yourself what you don’t like to do, because then it’s easier to figure out what you do like to do.”

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