The first quarter of the year can either be a time of huge growth or a relatively slow period for lead generation, depending on your offerings.

No matter what, no one can argue the massive impact that Facebook has within for lead generation advertisers.

In the second episode of our podcast, Up Your ROAS, we sit down and talk with Yianni Kotsalidis about the path that lead generation has taken from relying on lead aggregators to advertising directly to consumers through Facebook ads. He also offers best practices on how to find the best leads for your needs.

Just in case you wanted a hard copy of those top tips, here they are:

(1) Know Your Audience (sound familiar?)

Knowing your audience is a theme that comes up whether we’re talking about e-commerce or lead generation. No matter what your purpose is for advertising on Facebook, you should always know exactly who your audience is.

By knowing what triggers your buyer or user emotionally, you can be sure that your offer is poised to fulfill that need.

Don’t lose that thread when you are creating and executing your lead generation campaigns and the ad creative you use to attract them.

When you fully understand and embrace your customers and their goals, you’ll be able to spend more effectively since you are more likely to accurately target the people that will convert.

(2) Continue to Nurture Your Leads Throughout the Funnel

Moving your consumers through the funnel though isn’t just a one-and-done type of event. While some customers might move down the funnel quickly on their own, you don’t want to ignore the ones that need a little more persuading to convert.

Lead nurturing allows you to retarget those recalcitrant leads in a relevant, personalized manner to help them progress through the funnel.

You can do this by looking at the following items:

  • What pages they are landing on when they come to your website?
  • What they are searching when they get to your website?
  • Which ad creative did they click on in order to visit your site in the first place?
  • What messaging seems to activate them most?

Facebook allows for granular retargeting based on behavior, interests and other options, so you should use this tool to your advantage. Carefully craft your message and nurture the quality leads that need a nudge in the right direction.

(3) Quality Leads Over Quantity Any Day

Without looking at their quality, bringing in 1000 early-funnel leads sounds great.

But what if you could bring in 250 people who converted more quickly or at a higher value?

Do your due diligence when it comes to the quality of the leads that you’ve gathered.

Early funnel leads may bring you value down the line, but they also require you to expend additional time, money, and resources to nurture them through the funnel. And if few convert after all of that work, what’s the true value of attracting them in the first place?

While you shouldn’t avoid nurturing leads through the funnel (see point 2), you should make sure that your primary focus remains on identifying quality, high-converting leads and continuing to target that type of audience for your strongest ROI.


Utilizing Facebook’s tools is a requirement for any lead generation worth its salt. But before you dive into all of the bells and whistles that Facebook has to offer lead gen, give our podcast a listen and take these three tips to heart so you’re campaign will ultimately be successful.