Running your own podcast means giving yourself permission to fully be who you really are and overcoming the fear of standing out in the crowd. In fact the first question I would like you to ask yourself is who are you? Not what brand you wear, or which sports team you support or club you belong to, but who are you? You want to be digging down to find out the real you and what makes you stand out from the crowd, what things make you different to everyone else. That’s where the treasure lies. That’s the reason someone will listen to your podcast.

So who are you? As many of us in society have been conditioned to do quite the opposite of standing out, be it at school, at home and later on in employment, many of us never actually ask ourselves this question.

Answering this immediately may prove challenging. After all we are taught to conform, wear a uniform, a badge, and be a faceless individual, just another number in the queue. Yet how does melting into the background serve our listeners or our customers?

Each and one of us is unique with a different personality, having been shaped by our own unique influences and experiences, by our genetic make up, our looks our beliefs, how wonderful that you can contribute to the melting pot of life.

It’s the way that you are, the way that you carry out your actions that makes you unique, and this is why people will listen to your podcast and support it. Now we are not talking about skills here, what we are talking about is the way you do things, and how you make others feel when you come into contact with them.

Your personality, your charm, your ability to relate to your customers, the way you smile, the way you listen – all those unique ways you have of pushing your glasses to the rim of your nose when you are in deep thought. It’s the differences that make each and one of us stand out, so dare to be different and be proud of it.

Allow yourself to stand out from the crowd and shine. Let the world see the real unique you and your listeners and customers will thank you for it – literally.

That’s where the key to success can be found. Our skill set and even our podcast may be identical to those of others in the market, however it is our own differences and our uniqueness of the way we deliver value for our listeners that differentiates us from the competition, not necessarily what we do.

Here are 3 key points that can help you and your podcast stand out from the competition.

1. Promote yourself

Go ahead put up your picture on your website so that your customers feel as if you’re a friend rather than a faceless e mail address. Be a personality; if you have something that is unique about yourself be it your height or the way you laugh, make sure you value your personality and use it as a positive way to influence your business. You could even have a caricature drawn up of yourself as your own brand.

2. Brain storm and write down ten answers to the following question;

What is it about you that makes you stand out? Don’t be afraid if it’s something that previously others have criticized about you, this probably means it’s your greatest asset.

3. Ask your friends, family and your listeners what they find unique about the way you serve them and about you?

Polling your existing audience directly is usually the best way to find out what areas they like about the way you interact with them. Listening to their feedback could give you some answers that you may help you find out what sets you apart from the rest.

So why is staying unique so crucial to your podcasting success? Simply because when someone is choosing which podcast to listen to, and faced with the thousands of similar offerings out there, where do you want them to turn? People remember differences; they soon forget something that looks the same. So stand out, be you and promote your differences as the thing that sets you apart.

After all, there is only one you, even if someone else copied the exact format of your business to the nth degree, there would always be one key feature missing which they could never recreate. And that one thing is you!