As CMOs, we often speak of the discord between the sales and marketing organizations. “If you walk into a meeting with a sales leader and you’re expecting a contentious meeting, you are probably going to get one.”


So how does one begin to mend the rift? A box of chocolates? A night-time serenade? Well, how about personality tests? This is Shoretel CMO, Mark Roberts’ strategy. “By having this virtual map of the team, it allowed us to work through the concepts of how to introduce something.” And when he learned how to speak to his sales team, he unlocked began unlocking their trust.

“Its one of those more important relationships you have in an organization,” says Roberts. “You know when it’s going well and you sure as heck know when it’s going badly.” In this episode hear Mark’s secrets to using these tests to better understand his marketing team and mend the rift between sales and marketing.

Some highlights include:

Understanding the disconnect between sales and marketing (1:45)

Tying the buyers journey to sales (4:15)

Leveraging the voice of the customer (7:50)

Communicating building trust with sales (9:30)

Using personality tests to help to communicate (13:00)

Riding along with the sales teams (16:30)

Providing transparency of information (19:00)