In this episode, Nick Cicero and Nick Robinson interview Russ Fradin, the Founder and CEO of Dynamic Signal.

Interview with Russ Fradin

Russ has quite a deep background in marketing technology, having founded 2 companies and served on various boards like Comscore and TubeMogul. This type of experience gives Russ full permission to pour his wisdom on all of us.

To kick off the podcast, we asked Russ to dive into the whole advocacy movement inside of social media. Most companies think about working with external influencers when marketing their products and services, but the very best companies active their best stewards of the brand…employees! This is exactly what Dynamic Signal technology enables.

Lastly, Russ gave his best advice to creators on how to best handle deal negotiation. He said, if you’re not good at negotiation, partner with someone who is AND always remember that marketers love SCALE. Brilliant! Much like anything in life, play to your strengths, and partner/delegate your weak areas.

To learn more about Russ Fradin, you can go to, and follow him on Twitter.

GOAT of the Week

This week we talk about F&*k Yea Baby. The F&*k Yea Baby is frustrated looking kid on the beach with his fist clenched.


Mother took a picture of baby and posted on Flickr, it was picked up and then it showed up on, wait for it…Reddit. Virgin ended up picking up the meme and used it in a large advertising spend, and Vitamin Water also used the F&*k yea baby.


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