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If you’ve listened to Real Relationships for any length of time you know that the premise for the podcast and the business behind it is that relationships matter. It’s not just that they matter for increased business and profit, it’s that they matter for the long-haul to increase your quality of life.

This episode features Nikki Beauchamp, a dynamic luxury real estate agent in New York City who has built her business on the referrals that flow out of the relationships she’s established. She’s a strong advocate for the power of relationships in building a business long-term. She and I chat about how she learned to build such cooperative relationships with her clients and what it means to make clients truly happy. You’ll enjoy hearing her perspective, on this episode.

The power of relationships is seen long-term as you build a successful business.

You can’t build an enduring business on a transactional approach – not without the process being harder than it needs to be. As I spoke with Nikki Beauchamp on this episode it became abundantly clear that the real power of relationships is that they progressively build a wider and wider network of connections that fuel your business through referrals, but only as you provide your first tier relationships with the service and value that places you “top of mind” in your industry. Find out how Nikki Beauchamp has done it and what you can expect to happen as you follow the same approach, on this episode.

Your CRM will make no difference if you don’t first have a commitment to real relationships.

Nikki Beauchamp says that she loves the software tools that help her stay connected with her clients and network, but they’d be digital dust catchers if she didn’t first have a commitment to making the power of relationships work for her business. She believes that the mindset that fuels an effective follow-up plan is key to MAKING it effective. It’s what drives consistency and enables the genuine interest in your clients to be expressed. You can discover the way Nikki Beauchamp looks at the issue of relationships as they relate to the ongoing growth of her real estate business, on this episode of Real Relationships.

Be more interested in your client being happy long-term rather than the immediate transaction.

Every business needs closed transactions in order to be successful. But if you focus on the transactions you’re potentially leaving a lot of future revenue on the table. The client involved in your transaction right now, or one of their friends or family members, is going to need the exact services you provide in the future. You want to serve your client during the present transaction in a way that makes you an obvious referral to those they know when that time comes. Nikki Beauchamp is a pro at building those kinds of relationships and she shares the mindset and approach she takes to build them, on this episode.

You have to figure out a relationship management system that works for you.

There’s no piece of software that magically creates the perfect network follow-up sequence. You’ve got to find one that fits you and the way you work. When Nikki Beauchamp found Contactually, it was the perfect system for her because she found it intuitive to the way she thinks. It’s been an instrumental part of her relationship building and maintenance systems and is one of the reasons she’s able to devote ongoing attention to her network of relationships. This conversation I had with Nikki Beauchamp is full of great relational insights so be sure you take the time to listen.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:39] My introduction to my guest, Nikki Beauchamp
  • [2:22] A story of client referrals that illustrates how Nikki Beauchamp builds her business.
  • [6:00] The benefits of product knowledge when it comes to helping potential clients.
  • [8:19] How Nikki Beauchamp has turned toward relationships in spite of feeling like an introvert.
  • [11:53] How Nikki Beauchamp learned to build great relationships.
  • [13:47] The process Nikki Beauchamp follows to discover if a person is a great fit to be her client.
  • [16:15] The seeds that are planted through relational connections and how Nikki Beauchamp maintains her follow up and relationships.
  • [22:44] What convinced Nikki Beauchamp it’s worth the time to stay connected with her network.
  • [25:09] One piece of advice around building relationship Nikki Beauchamp wants you to know.

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