Patrick Ewers of specializes in relationships and the power they can have in your business. In this episode of Real Relationships, I dive deep with Patrick into the power of relationships in your business and life. Patrick explains how approaching someone with authenticity can open the doors to a relationship that lasts and benefits both members. If you are struggling to grow your network and or simply want advice on how to effectively benefit those in your circle, make sure you listen to this episode with Patrick Ewers.

Relationships are at the center of effective business

As humans, we all have many of the same needs and desires. This common ground means having a genuine relationship with those in your circle and your business will connect you on a fundamental level, essentially boosting your business. Patrick Ewers has seen the power of relationships and how they can bring about the seemingly impossible. That is why he has dedicated his professional life to teaching the art of the relationship. In this episode of Real Relationships Patrick gives insight into how relationships play a major role in his daily business. This is a must hear episode, make sure you listen in.

Being reactive instead of proactive is the best way to kill your productivity

It’s completely natural. We all react to our surroundings, events, or conversations. Yet not many of us are naturally proactive. If all we do is react we lose some of the best opportunities to make a difference, not only in our life and business but also in the life and business of others. Listen to this episode of Real Relationships to catch Patrick Ewers’ tips on how to be proactive in a reactive culture.

We will find our greatest potential in relationships

Humans are social creatures. Our lives revolve around others and we run our businesses to meet the need of others. Change is made in our world through the way we affect those around us. As a human, our greatest potential is found in our relationships with others. Patrick Ewers knows this and has become an expert in the art of relationships. He trains people how to create and maintain relationships that make a difference and shares some great advice in this episode. Don’t miss it.

3 tips to connect with high profile people

We can all agree that relationships are important and relationships with influential people are priceless. There are many ways you can connect with high profile people but there are a few that are more effective than others. In this episode of Real Relationships my guest Patrick Ewers outlines his top 3 tips on how to connect with influential people while remaining authentic. Listen to the whole episode to catch them all.

Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:24] My intro of Patrick Ewers of
  • [1:15] The WHY behind what Patrick does
  • [3:20] FInding our greatest human potential in relationships
  • [5:38] The role relationships play in Patrick’s daily business
  • [9:90] As humans we are all very similar, that is why relationships are so important
  • [11:00] We all tend to be reactive instead of proactive and that hurts our productivity
  • [16:00] Building relationships with high profile people
  • [17:50] 3 Tactics that can draw out responses and increase conversion
  • [21:00] Relationship advice from Benjamin Franklin
  • [26:46] The CORE issue to overcome when creating great relationships
  • [27:00] Patrick reveals the power of positivity and the key to being authentic
  • [33:50] Resources and closing