To speak or not speak about your political views via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or even Tik Tok… that is the question many business leaders and marketers are asking themselves today.

It’s not news that our global economy, cultures and daily lives are in the midst of change. From global pandemics, social justice, elections, peaceful protests, riots, rallies, supreme court nominations, to trade deals, there is much to talk about.

Politics is not just about who wins the next election. It’s not as simple as posting a meme on Facebook accompanied by an opinionated rant and hoping you can sway your friends to vote for the candidate of your choice.

When is the last time your political opinions were swayed by someone throwing a hissy fit on Facebook or Twitter? Likely never.

Politics are About Human Beings More than “Politics”

The truth is that politics really aren’t just about politics. It’s about being human. Politics are about emotion, justice, core values and beliefs. It’s our own personal perception of the world, how it treats us and the impact we want to have on the world, because of our experiences.

It’s incredibly difficult to understand what even your favorite aunt or best friends really is thinking when they share a meme, viral video or rant of the latest political scandal or issue. Communicating on social networks is not the same as a real face to face conversation that happens between two or more human beings. Though our digital body language such as “likes”, shares and comments have impact, it’s not the same as the eye to eye contact or hug that happens during or after a real life conversation.

Instead digital political conversations leave much to be assumed. Assumptions are some of my least favorite things when it it comes to both life and business. Assuming what someone is thinking is never a good place to be. Political conversations on social media leave much to be assumed versus truly knowing what someone meant by a particular word or emoji.

Do Politics and Personal Branding Go Together?

When it comes to politics and personal branding, do the two go together? Or should you keep your mouth shut and keep politics off of your personal and business social timeline?

I explore these topics and more in my latest Social Zoom Factor podcast episode #282 – Personal Branding and Politics – Preserving Your Brand and Relationships in a Political Minefield

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn:

  • How your brand is made up of perceptions and why each brand touch counts
  • Do personal branding and politics go together? When and how can it work?
  • Why you must dig into the WHY you want to share political content
  • How your digital body language speaks louder than your shiny brand corporate messaging
  • How to still have impact in the world but also preserve your personal and business brand integrity
  • To speak or not to speak about politics on social media – questions to find the right answer for you
  • How to determine what you are comfortable sharing
  • How to share political content without the risk of damaging your brand and relationships
  • When it’s time to walk away from a political digital conversation
  • Tips to manage digital trolls and why you must ignore them
  • How to find the right political content to share and engage in
  • How to be the hope, light and positivity in a crazy, dark world