Bulbs 1IBM Watson became an overnight sensation a few years back when it was able to defeat several Jeopardy champions, quickly and accurately answering a diverse set of questions covering a whole realm of topics and categories. However, Jeopardy was just the demo and now IBM is showing that Watson, and the area of cognitive computing that it represents, could be a very useful tool for businesses and researchers looking to answer the toughest questions.

IBM has opened up Watson and its cognitive computing capabilities to a whole host of businesses and fields of research. Available as a cloud-based service, cognitive computing is helping researchers find new drugs, doctors come up with the right treatments for cancer and businesses connect more effectively with their customers.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to Rob High, CTO for Watson at IBM. To hear the entire conversation about Watson, cognitive computing, some of the current use cases, and where cognitive computing is heading, listen to the podcast below.