PlayStation 4 and Google Glass: Magnet Media Labs Podcast No. 10

Neither Anwar Warner nor Brandan Jones could make it to this week’s podcast, so Team Ryan has complete control of the Magnet Media Labs. So join Ryan W. Neal and Ryan Swearingen as they break down the top digital stories and the viral video of the week.

The guys start by taking a look at an Infographic published by PC World that shows the incredible growth of mobile video on social networks. We also revisit our video game discussion from last week in light of Sony’s announcement of the PlayStation 4, which officially ushers in the 8th generation of game consoles. And speaking of next-generation technology, we are finally starting to get some hands-on looks at Google Glass. Although the functionality looks amazing, the team wonders if anyone will actually want to wear the futuristic headband.

We also take a look at a company that sees the resume as obsolete and will only use social media to fill a six-figure position.

We also checked out the viral video of the week—a woman who hitches a ride with a great white shark—but first Ryan N. needed to catch Ryan S. up on the 2012 viral sensation that was Sweet Brown.

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Links discussed this week:

Viral Video of the Week:

Oh, and this…

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