Podcast Guest: How to Be the One That Gets Invited Back

This is Episode 66 of This Old New Business weekly business podcast with Jeff Korhan.

Mark Sanborn is a hall of fame speaker and author of the international bestseller The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. His expertise on leadership, team building, and customer service has been shared with thousands of audiences around the world.

Make it Your Goal to Serve the Audience

Mark Sanborn shares seven steps to follow that will make your podcast guest appearance one that is memorable and value-packed, so that you become the one that gets invited back and recommended to others.

#1 – Know the Purpose of the Show

Podcast show hosts invite guests that can deliver value for the audience. That is only possible when you understand the purpose of the broadcast. Have the host explain why he or she is inviting you onto the show so you can have that clarity so you can:

  1. Deliver Value
  2. Demonstrate Expertise

#2 – Understand the Audience

When you understand the audience you can tailor your expertise and stories for them. Mark Sanborn believes showing up prepared is essential. This should include listening to prior episodes and thoroughly researching the host and the show. He says, “A true pro never wings it. They simply show up so prepared that they just look like they are.”

#3 – Be Aware of Transitions and Verbal Patterns

Everyone eventually finds themselves using verbal catchphrases or tics such as yeah, you know, awesome, right and so. These are usually minor but can become annoying to listeners when they are overly repetitive. Awareness is usually the cure.

More important is to make smooth transitions when the conversation shifts from the host to the guest. Listening well to understand the track the host is taking will serve you well.

#4 – Balance the Conversation Rhythm and Flow

Mark Sanborn believes a conversation that has good energy is what most audiences want. If the energy is low you have to pick it up. Conversely, it may be necessary to settle things down to keep listeners engaged if the energy starts to get too frenetic.

#5 – Reverse the Roles

The best podcast shows feel like two friends having sharing lots of great ideas and enjoying each other’s company. Because most shows follow a format of the host asking questions and the guest answering, one technique Mark Sanborn suggests considering is a role reversal.

One way to do this is responding, “I love what you just said.” Then ask the host a question. This changes the tempo that makes the conversation feel less scripted and more interesting.

#6 – Help Promote the Show

There is nothing a podcast show host appreciates more than a guest that helps to share the value that they have helped to create. The reason for this is about half of all guests do little or nothing. Be the one that works to promote the show.

Then go the extra mile to leave an honest rating or review for the show. It will be appreciated and you will be remembered for it.

#7 – Recommend and Introduce Guests

A personal recommendation to a friend that can contribute value and expertise to the show’s audience is always welcome. Even if the host has connections, a relationship introduction shows you care enough to help.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on being a podcast guest. Meet me over on Twitter to take the conversation further.

Podcast Guest: How to Be the One that Gets Invited Back

Key Take-Aways

“You never want to be the star of your own show.” – Johnny Carson. This is a quote Johnny shared with Mark Sanborn’s friend Ross Shafer when he was a guest on the Tonight Show.

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