When I was in school, SMART boards were in every classroom. But how Smart Technologies penetrate the market? What strategy led to such a ubiquitous domination of the education market? Jeff Lowe, CMO of Smart Technologies lays down the marketing strategy they used to become a force in education industry, and in the collaboration market in general.

jeff lowe

“The way students learn has fundamentally changed in the past 10 or 20 years,” Says Lowe. “It’s much more about student-based learning, and how a [business] keeps up with that.” This drove him to focus on developing a customer advisory board to help shape the strategy.

“It all starts with setting out a strategy and having some documented goals and objectives of what you’d like to get out of an advocacy group… how might you measure success and what are the of the ways you might use advocacy,” Lowe shares. “Like everything thing else, starting with a plan.”

Other highlights from this episode:

  • Evolving with mobile and the Internet of Things (2:15)
  • Solidifying your value proposition (5:15)
  • Establishing a customer advisory board (8:15)
  • Building your go-to-market strategy (15:00)
  • Effectively putting data into the hands of sales (22:45)