As marketers, we spend so much time building our company’s brand that we often forget about our own. But with job tenure shrinking in America, focusing on our personal brand is becoming more and more important.

“People aren’t going to work for the same company for 30 years anymore,” admits Diego Lamanto, CMO of Talent, Inc. “Companies are no longer lifelong employment vehicles. They are becoming an amalgamation of people to fulfill a goal, and then they disband.”

diego lomanto

With this in mind, our personal brands become more and more important. And you really can’t want to begin thinking about the brand after you leave a company. “You need to be thinking about your personal brand while you are gainfully employed,” advises Lamanto. This way you can begin to collect data to support your brand while they happen.

In a world where the average CMO tenure is under two years, your personal brand is more important than ever.

Other Highlights Include:

The need for a great resume (1:35)

Maintaining your personal brand (6:35)

Being the first real marketing hire (12:40)

Setting yourself up for success in a new job (15:10)

Building a relationship with the c-suite (16:00)

Tips for a successful entry (20:35)