Social media selling is dismissed far too often as fluffy or impossible to measure in terms of ROI.

Jill Rowley wants to change that attitude on sales teams everywhere. Rowley is the Founder and Chief Evangelist of #SocialSelling, and helps sales organizations better use social to drive revenue. She warns that sales organizations everywhere can no longer ignore the opportunities available to them using social.

“When I talk about the ROI of social selling, I talk about the Return on Investment, but also the Risk of Ignoring,” she explained. “We are at the stage of maturity within social selling that we’re able to start measuring that return.”

In the latest episode of Million Dollar Insights, Rowley shares measurable methods for sourcing sales opportunities, connecting with buyers, and moving opportunities down the funnel faster.

Listen now:

Rowley warns salespeople that 90% of cold calls go unanswered, executives don’t respond to unsolicited emails, and 92% of B2B buyers start their search on the web. To fight these unfavorable odds, reps need to be engaging with buyers in new ways online, specifically through social media. However, far too many sales reps miss out on huge opportunities by making the same mistakes on their social media profiles.

“Think about your presence in social through the eyes of your customer, your buyer,” Rowley said. “Would a buyer rather engage with a quota crusher or with a subject matter expert in the buyer’s world?”

In this exclusive 31 minute interview, Rowley shares:

  • The most effective channels for social selling
  • The social selling metrics organizations should measure
  • How to create a LinkedIn profile that converts opportunities to buyers
  • …and much more.

Get practical social selling advice from Rowley and start seeing real ROI from LinkedIn, Twitter and more with the newest episode of the Million Dollar Insights podcast.

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